Nesting Urges.

I’m sneezing from all the dust that is trying to re-settle in my house after I cleaned my room.  Yes, you heard me right, I actually CLEANED my room.  It was gross in there and all my clothes were nowhere to be found.  I actually hung up clothes and folded clothes and I dusted and vacuumed and all the other things that go along with tidying a room.  The bed isn’t made but I plan to sleep in it soon once Silas is sleeping and I’ve had lunch.  Last night I actually cleaned the kitchen after supper too.  I must be nesting, I must be.  Now I just have mounds of laundry to get done.  The worst part, oddly enough I feel up to it though!  I love my chiropractor, my sciatic hasn’t bothered me through this frenzy!

This morning I heard Silas saying “wahey” which is “water” and he kept saying it but I knew he had his cup in his hands so I wasn’t worried.  Soon he came up to me and handed me his empty cup and said “wahey” so I filled it for him and he went on his merry way.  I love how there’s always something new from him every day.  This stage that he is in is so enjoyable.  He’s continuing to sing along to more songs that I play regularly during the day.  It’s so neat to see that he really pays attention to the music.  If he really likes a song he’ll say “again”.  Yes, his “aga” has turned into an “again”.  “adah” has turned into “ah done”.  He’s been very focused on getting his n’s in there.  This stage is really so much fun, my favorite thus far.

I’m finally done with all the visiting.  In the past two weeks MIL and FIL got here, I went to 100 Mile, came back for more MIL and FIL visiting, my two siblings that live out of town came so all 5 of us were in the same town but never really the same place at the same time.  My grandparents also came and so did my parents.  Yesterday, everyone had left except Jill and her son so we spent the day together.  Her son managed to call me Auntie Juliet 500 times even though I told him I’d break his nose if he called me Juliet one more time.  Everyone calls me that, I don’t get it.  Perhaps that’s why I had dreams last night about Juliet being really mean to me.  Or maybe it’s because she’s just mean., kidding, she’s my sis, I’m allowed to say that.

Anyway, happy to have real life back.  I know I’ll be seeing everyone again soon because baby is due very soon.  9 more weeks until touch down.  I think he might even come at the end of May, I have a feeling.  Welp, I’m off.  Today is a beautiful, sunny day so I shouldn’t waste the joyous mood it’s given me on the computer.


  1. Sounds like I missed seeing your bedroom furniture by just one day, but hey I’m so happy for you to get the room clean, you will love it I’m sure and so will Brent. As for me I went to to Mel’s today. I can still hear Silas’ “happeee”.

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