Be Nice, I’m Pregnant!

So if you’re in the presence of a bulging pregnant woman and you decide to ask her how far along she is, don’t ever say “oh you look farther along than that” or “you must be having twins”.  This is a terrible idea.  Someone did that to me yesterday and I couldn’t decide weather I wanted to run away crying or punch the lady.  Instead of either option, I just said that I got really big with my last pregnancy.

I’m oddly insecure when I’m pregnant.  I’m usually not insecure.  When I’m out and about I usually think I look better than I actually do, which is uncommon for someone of my age and whatnot.  I have moments of insecurity but not often.  I’m way more insecure when I am pregnant so don’t tell me how large I am because I already know it and it’s already bothering me.

It’s true that I do gain weight really rapidly when pregnant.  I have two months left and I’ve already gained 40 pounds.  It would take me 3 years of bad eating to gain that much weight normally, and I’d have to eat really bad.  When I get pregnant, my whole body gets pregnant and I start having more chin and more arms and more ankles and everything.  I’m a puffy pregnant lady.  (ooo Silas just came up to me with a soother in his mouth and his smushy and said “coo” which means cuddle…*sigh*)  I have to keep reminding myself that I am still a rather slender woman and I still look cute and I still have a melon-looking tummy.  I’m just not used to feeling so much chin on my neck (this is a nice cuddle).  So when I get pregnant, all of me gets pregnant and I guess that needs to be OK.  I lose it all fast enough after anyway, I really mainly chalk it up to water weight.

MIL and FIL left this morning to go back to flat old Manitoba.  They should be just on their way in the sky.  It was a really nice visit, I’m sure I gained a little more than water weight with them here but that’s OK.  I’m sorta looking forward to getting back to the normal daily grind.  I still have the day to visit with my sister Jill and her son so that will be nice.

Oh ya, it’s snowing…stupid.


  1. Oh boy do I hear ya. I think sometimes people just don’t know what to say. The other day I had gone into the school to put money in my son’s lunch account. The secretary asked how I was and how baby was, etc. I said I couldn’t wait for July to arrive as I’m getting very uncomfortable and just ready for it to be over. She looked at me and said – Oh! I don’t even know what you’re talking about! You hardly look pregnant! I said back to her – OMG, please tell me that was a joke because I HOPE I don’t normally look like this! She laughed. I didn’t. I left there thinking OMG, she’s serious! That was just not a good comment for somebody with major self esteem issues and weight issues to hear. I’m the opposite of you, I feel more comfortable being pregnant. I think it’s the fact that when I’m pregnant I can say oh yeah I’m needing to lose a few pounds, but I can’t worry about it right now. When I’m not pregnant – I’m terrible about weight – I stress over it all the time. Have a good visit. I too always like to get back into my normal schedule. I’m a very scheduled person 🙂

  2. Leah I happen to think that you a very good loking pregnant woman, you still look cool especially with that hat, and the new orange tops. Never mind what some thoughtless people say. We are home now for about an hr. or more, I even made supper already. I’m very tired.

  3. I know what you mean. Most people don’t comment on my weight (yet), but I’m only 22 weeks.

    I’m usually the person who’s aware of my weight and I usually watch it very closely. It’s been really hard to get my mind around gaining weight. On purpose. And not dieting it off. So, when I gained my first five pounds, I was mortified because it went all to my belly in a very non-pregnant looking way. I know that it’s just building up maternal stores and such, but I still hated how it looks. I rejoice now, because my belly is getting hard and smooth instead of all fat.

    I don’t know what comes over people. It seems to me that as soon as they know you’re pregnant, all tact goes out the window. Most people speak before they think, and they often ask the most personal questions, or make the most derogatory comments before thinking. One lady asked to see my “chubb” today, obviously meaning that she wanted to see how my belly was growing (I was sitting at my desk, so it wasn’t obviously sticking out there). I did say that I’m not chubby, and asking to see my belly is fine, but don’t call it my “chubb”. ::sigh:: I don’t think she got it (she was one of those women who never really showed during her pregnancy’s, so I guess it didn’t bother her).

    I’m even sensitive about other people’s pregnancies. One of my friends commented on how fat Tori Spelling is (and? I am not a fan, just so you know) and I totally lost it. I was so offended that she would say something like “pregnancy doesn’t give you a double chin” in front of me. I did get kind indignant and rude and “how can you say that about someone who’s trying to bring a new life into this world?” I guess that I probably project their comments onto myself, and worry that those people will think that I’m fat and hideous when I’m 9 months pregnant and I am as big as a house.

  4. ha ha. My pregnancies sure gives me a double chin. I’m embracing it though. I lose it right away anyway. Just wait till your friend gets preggers…then she’ll understand more. She’ll be kicking herself if you start to gain water weight like I do.

  5. It doesn’t help that she’s chronically thin, too 🙂 I’m sure that I’ve gained “weight” in my face. It’s one of those places where it’s easy to tell how heavy I am, you know? Oh well.

  6. I’m only 12 weeks pregnant with my first child but EXTREMELY bloated! My grandma just called me chubby and some random guy argued with me, saying surely I must be further along than I think I am. Can you believe the nerve??! I almost want to stop wearing pregnancy styles so I look less pregnant so people will leave me alone. I am 5’6″ and can normally weigh somewhere from 118 to 125. I only weigh 130 now and have huge bloated breasts but apparently I look fat. What do people want from me? First they want me to get pregnant, then call me fat, when I do!

  7. hey kinda late to reply but…

    I wanted to share my feelings.

    I hate when people is always asking you, if you “still fit in your jeans” and stuff like that, like, if they will be expectant for you to be bloated and rejoice because of it…

    My MIL and SIL ask constantly things like that and it sure annoys the hell out of me!

    I am 5 mths and still “hide it well” but only because I have always been skinny and this is my first… Still, makes me feel that’s the reason for what they are jealous I’ve always looked great and now they are expecting me to look fat and feel miserable about it.

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