Tired…and Grumpy

I was up late last night because my husband’s 80’s rock band played a gig and it was so fabulous that I was too excited to fall asleep until 1:30-ish. I had a terrible sleep because of the excitement. I got up at about 8:30 in the morning and headed directly to ABC for breakfast with the in-laws. After that was over it was right over to the beauty supply store to get a bunch of people products that they need. Once home I got to rest for approx. 1 hour before going out to lunch with my family at Red Robin and then I came home only to leave right away to go to the hotel and have a swim with Silas and the MIL. Once finished Silas had a tantrum because he didn’t want to leave but he was quickly cheered up when he got to take a shower with me. After a very quick shower, Brent and I came home, I grabbed some things for Jennie’s party, dropped Silas off at her party and picked up Greek food for us to have back at the hotel with the in-laws. We had about an hour there and then went back to the party to get Silas. I was going to stay to visit and I was quite excited about it even though by this point I was extreamely worn out. Silas then tripped and fell head-first into a corner. Jill brought him to me promptly and he wouldn’t breathe. Before my eyes this massive goose egg appeared and I ran him to the kitchen saying “ice ice ice”. Then I cried with him for a while because it looked SO awful. I’ve never seen a bruise and goose egg appear so quickly. So many people were there with cold things and suggestions so I took him into Jennie’s room. She turned on the ceiling fan for him to look at (his fascination) and put on some music. After a while Juliet came in with some carrot cake and that really cheered him up. Then I realized that there’s no point in me staying really because I was getting incredibly irritated with everything around me and half my siblings were heading to Juliet’s house anyway. This was the first time all 5 of us kids were in the same house at the same time in many years…it didn’t turn out to be too fun for me at all. The bonk on the head really turned me into a grumpy-pants.

I think I did well though, considering I should have had 10-12 hours of sleep instead of around 7 hours of really bad sleep. Silas is in bed now and I’m sure he’ll be fast asleep. He’s had an action-packed two days. Non stop going going going and he’s done really well. I was very pleased that he did so well when I got to go shopping yesterday, yay for shopping!!

Just a small mention of Brent’s concert last night. It tooootally rocked. They really are a good band and my husband is such a good singer, especially when he’s blasting out “Thunderstuck” from his incredible windpipes. My grandparents came as well and Grandma thought is was amazing, she was standing up at the front clapping along to 80’s hair metal songs. My Grandfather thought it would have been nice to see a book of the words so he knew what Brent was saying. We thought that probably was a bad idea…”I WAS SHAKING AT THE KNEES, CAN I COME AGAIN PLEASE??”. Perhaps not. People looked rather shocked and/or impressed when I grabbed Brent’s butt, none of them knew me so I’m sure some people thought I was just some dirty pregnant lady. Oh well.

Gosh, I need a drink… 🙁

Here’s some photos of the event.


My brother and I are ready to rock out. I’m sporting some new tank tops. No I’m not wearing crocs in public….really….



Brent’s hitting a high note. Dangit he’s cute, even with a mullet.



Action shot.

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  1. Hope Silas is feeling better 🙁 What a bummer. I remember when my son busted thru the baby gate and took a dive down the stairs, still have the scar across the bridge of his nose as proof 🙁 The concert sounds amazing – I’m a total butt rocker as my friends call me – 80’s rock is the greatest!

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