Ode to Marky Poo

Well since it’s father’s day I thought I’d write a little something about my father figure.  My step-dad Mark (or Marky-Poo for short) is quite possibly the most generous person I know.  He became my step-dad when I was 12 and he fought through me deciding to hate him for an entire year.  I soon realized how lovable the guy was and our relationship gets better all of the time.  He was so great to me and gave so much to me.  He’s a wonderful father figure and an amazing husband to my mother, she really is incredibly lucky.  Mark will always try and find a way to make the people he loves feel special.  He’s always thinking of other people.  The love that Mark has shown me and my kids in the past few years is incredible, I’m so glad that it’s me that gets to be his daughter and my children are super lucky to have such a great grandfather.

Happy Father’s day Mark.  Thank you so much for loving me and loving my mom.  You’re an amazing person.

I love you!

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  1. Munchy! I think I am very blessed to have such wonderful (step-)children and grandchildren. Other than that I am kind of speechless and am humbled by your comments! I love you too!

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