Bum Cream

Well, I think I’ve spent WAY too much money on bum products for Isaac lately.  I can open my own bum cream store with all the jars of the stuff I have.  The Penaten did the trick though.  But now I’ve gone and purchased the non medicated Penaten stuff for keeping his bum safe, it came highly recommended.  I’ve also bought Pampers Sensitive wipes for his poor little sensitive bum so hopefully those will be better than what I had.  Man, that bum rash felt like a long haul.  It’s still not completely gone, there’s still a few open sores from the first really bad one.  Poor bitty baby bum bum.  His bum crack forks at the top, it’s rather amusing.

Last night I got a good amount of sleep.  Silas slept until 7 which is WAY nicer than 6 that’s for sure.  I fed Ike at 5ish and then went back to bed, he woke up again so I just brought him to bed with me and we had a semi-restful sleep until 7.  Praise the Lord for a good sleep last night, I was needing it as I am not feeling well.  My silly husband did not get a good sleep, he didn’t come to bed until 11, weirdo.  11 seems so stinking late.  I remember in Bible College things were just starting to happen around 9 or 10 and then we’d be out or at least up until all hours of the night, it was crazy, I don’t know how I survived.  Sleep is so much more important now.  I can’t believe I did all that and I didn’t even drink coffee.

This morning I realized that I needed to get to the bank ASAP so I stuck Ike in the carrier and Silas in the stroller and we set out on a walk.  Silly me didn’t even look at the time and the bank wasn’t even open when we got there so I farted around in London Drugs trying to find bum cream and a better lotion for Silas’ excema.  I’m trying the Aveeno Baby one for eczema.  I hope it works.  I was using Glaxal Base and it would work if I stuck it on him 10 times a day.  Anyone have a tried and true lotion for eczema?  He doesn’t have it really bad.  It’s not cracked or anything.  Anyway, we went to the bank and then walked to Thumpers for some bananas and then Cobbs Bread smells made me drool so I got a pumpkin scone with icing and Silas ate most of it.  We stopped off at Super Store to get some cheap PJ’s for Silas and then came home.  It was a nice trip.

Anyway, I’d like to nap but I think I’m going to start packing up my clothes, it’s not like they fit or anything anyway.  GRRRR.  Once the in-laws are gone it’ll be easier to eat healthy.  They always buy us all this yummy food and I can never say no to it.


  1. Rob has eczema, and finds this helpful.

    Technically, it might help Ike’s bum, too, if it gets rashy again (won’t prevent rash, but can help heal it if you put it on during the “air out” times).

    They have lots of really beautiful products, and possibly even a baby butter? Anyway, we have lots of local stores, so if you can’t order online for some reason, I am sure that we could work something out.

    PS – My new chiro? Totally my bestest friend in the world right now!

  2. I always wonder how we did it when we were younger also – staying up so late. My bedtime is 9pm SHARP! My husband will stay up until 1-2 in the morning!! How the heck does he function!!??

  3. RMB is a big ol chicken when it comes to things poppin and crackin 😛 haha I’m doing everything to shake this baby outta here. Heck I even hooked the pinball mat up to the tv the other night and played that. Baby was active beyond words that night – didn’t quite get the job done – gonna have to play every night 🙂

  4. RMB – seriously? No pain! And it actually feels good. Remember when I went in Friday in the Worst Mood Ever? I totally left feeling great. I think it releases endorphins or something. Plus, if you asked nicely, the chiro might be able to help get that labour going. I would recommend chiro to any preggo lady. I mean, why would you want to be in pain if you didn’t have to?

    Did you try the waterslide thing yet? Why ever not? 😛

  5. Oh yeah, and I was going to say – the baby butter has scents in it, so you probably wouldn’t want to use it on Ike. But the unscented sensitive skin one would be good. Again – won’t protect his bum from further rash, but should help heal up what he has (plus, if you need a moisturizer for his other parts, it works really well).

  6. My eldest developed a horrible rash on her tiny little bum when she was new. In our case, it cleared right up when we switched to cloth (which was always our intention, but we waited until her yucky umbilical cord fell off). For about the first 6 months, any time a disposable diaper touched her butt: instant rash. I even used cloth wipes (which is actually easier when you are using cloth diapers already). I’m not actually suggesting you use cloth (although I loved them, so on one level I think everyone should), but perhaps it is the chemicals in his diapers that are doing this? Can you find a less chemical-filled diaper? – I’ve seen all-natural cottons ones some place.

    And for when we still had to deal with rashes for other reasons, I swore by Penaten. I probably still have some around, and my youngest is almost 5!

  7. justmakingitup – my doc looked at it and it wasn’t a diaper problem. Although I do plan on using my cloth diapers once he’s a bit bigger, they’re so big for a newborn.

  8. I can’t remember if I’ve suggested this before, but we’ve had success with Calendula Gel by Boiron. Calendula is the latin name for Marigold flowers. We’ve also used the Baby Butter by Rocky Mountain Soaps. I don’t believe it has scents, just essential oils, so Nicholas has never reacted to it. I have sensitive skin, so I’ve been very careful with him, in case he does, too. He does get a rash with disposable diapers, except Seventh Generation (chlorine-free).

  9. Ya I think I’ll look into the calendula. My lotion for the kids has it in it. His bum is healed up right now so I know the Penaten is workin. Thank you.

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