Terrible Two’s?

I have no idea what to expect with my child.  I’ve never actually been around children much so I really don’t know if this is normal or not.  HE WONT STOP HITTING PEOPLE!!! ARRGG!  It’s driving me crazy.  Sometimes I just wanna forget everything I believe to be true and right and spank that little boy.  You can’t hit a kid for hitting.  I’d hate myself for like 5 years if I spanked him.  But the time outs don’t really work…perhaps I just need to be patient.  Sometimes he hits me and says “time out” and then runs to his crib.  WHATS UP WITH THAT??  He cries when I put him in though.  Perhaps he just knows how to take his consequence like a man?  So this hitting and these temper tantrums, is this the terrible twos?  Is this what my next year is going to be like?  Please someone respond who’s gone or going through the same thing, I need moral support!

So, I have another odour.  It’s been a while since my scary odour incident in my closet.  It turned out to be a really old poopy diaper, so gross.  This time I’ve narrowed it down to coming from under my couch.  My couch is massive so I can’t lift it, I’ll have to get my husband to investigate with me this evening.  It’s a dreadful meaty odour, it’s been bothering me for a few days.  I guess I’ll have to leave you in suspense as to what it is.  Perhaps you’ll find out tomorrow.  I hope I can find it, I hope it’s not something that was once alive and crawled under my couch to die.  I really hope it’s not a rotting nest of evil spiders that will attack me.  I’m scared.  I hate mystery odours!!

I stepped on my scale this morning with a completely empty stomach and I was astonished at what I saw, I haven’t lost a freaking pound for two weeks now.  I’m 40 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight and it’s not about to budge without a fight.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been eating crap but I didn’t think I could put on 40 pounds of actual FAT in the last little while.  Supper at the Keg last night was so worth it though…amazing.  Anyway, in response to the bad news my scale gave me this morning, I’m eating a massive spinach salad for lunch instead of my usual sandwich.  I finally found a dressing that I like with spinach so I’m eating it.  Time to get skinny.  40 pounds sounds very overwhelming.   I want to lose 50.  This sucks.  With Silas my weight just flew off.  It didn’t stop falling off until I was about 10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight.  I ate worse when I was pregnant with Silas too, what the heck is up with that?

Time for a little treat for your eyes


bath time


some bouncy chair time


It’s funny when they go cross-eyed.


  1. Awww… so adorable!

    I don’t know what to tell you about your weight. I guess the only thing that I can recommend is for you to get out more (I don’t know what you’re doing for exercise, but it might be what you need to get over the “hump”). I hope that the weight starts to move again for you!

  2. OMG, so much to comment on. Welcome to the terrible twos, my friend. Mine doesn’t hit, but she has a killer sass mouth at the moment. And I hear they are worse at three so we have something to look forward to.

    The mystery odor sounds grim – I hope you find it. When E was a baby there was one in her closet. I finally found it months later. It was a leftover bun that had liquefied from a dinner months before and we had left it in a diaper bag. Ugh.

    Don’t worry about your weight – it took us nine long months to chunk up, so it will take some time to lose it. In the meantime, have some ice-cream!

    Oh, and how cute is Isaac? Ok. Now my long comment is over.

  3. Hey babycakes!!
    Well, yep, I can give you moral support! Ireland has been going through same thing for months now:(! She doesnt hit either, maybe thats a boy thing more?, but she is deffinetly sassy aswell! And she just does waaaayyy to much “testing”, aswell as being into absolutly everything she can touch or pull off any sort of shelf, haha. I agree with you about the spanking, there are other ways to deal with it for sure, though I too have had times I could do horrible things, haha!
    Just be patient, I’m trying aswell, hey, atleast you and I are at the EXACT same stage with them eh?? HAHA!! Hope your good! P.S. Love the pictures of Isaac! So cute!:)

  4. Cross-eyed … just like his Mummy was. Kiss kiss.

    What I have learned from parenting is that sometimes it takes many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many repetitions to get the message across. If you have a plan that makes sense – it still might take months (and months) for it to work. If you see even a teeny tiny bit of progress – like the fact that he knows it’s wrong – than you’re on the right track.

    As for weight advice, take it from the yo-yo queen: it gets harder to lose weight every time you do it. The formula is simple: consume less calories than you burn. I’ve done it with and without excercise. There’s no magic formula. Of course, you know all this – but big sisters must give their opinion 🙂

    Love ya. Miss ya. Looking forward to being social again.

  5. I’m so pleased to hear someone else’s lovingly-raised, no-smacking policy two year old is hitting everyone too. Mortifying isn’t it? Infuriating too huh? Troubling sometimes too right? All I can say is hurry the hell up and grow out of it kids.

  6. I’m glad yours is hitting too…makes me feel not so alone. I wonder if ignoring it is the next step? Sometimes is seems like a ploy for attention, even if it’s negative attention.

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