Stupid Cobb’s Bread

I’m so disappointed!!  I finished my walk today with a stop off at Cobbs bread to get their delicious apricot log bread.  My house is only about a 3 minute walk away and I walked home with my mouth watering, waiting to get that bread into my mouth.  I got home and took a slice out and it’s RAW on the bottom.  Stupid Cobbs Bread.  Now I have to go back!  Grrrrr.  I’ll just blame my MIL for getting me addicted to Cobbs in the first place.  BAD ROSELLE.  Kidding.

My walk today was lovely.  It’s such a nice day.  We walked all the way to the bank and then all the way from there to Save On and then all the way home.  It took about two hours I think.  Silas was an angel the entire time and Ike just started to cry at the end.  He was cozy in the baby carrier the whole time.  His naked feet were sticking out the sides and temping many old ladies to come over and touch them.  I couldn’t keep my hands off them myself.  Once I peeled him off me at home, I realized how soaked he was from my sweat.  Oh well, it means we bonded.

Yesterday afternoon I had had it with Silas’ hair.  His hair type mixed with the shape of his head don’t go together well.  He ends up with his wiry hair sticking straight up all along the crown, including the sides.  I wasn’t about to take my super sharp cutting scissors to his head without someone to restrain him, so I broke my rules about haircutting and got out the clippers.  The test of a good hairdresser is the ability to do a good men’s cut with scissors and a comb, not the clippers.  I usually made the exception for kids and chachy guys when I was working so I thought I’d try them on Silas.  The poor kiddo was terrified.  He did his best to be brave and I clipped and sang “You are my Sunshine” to him.  Once it was all done he burst into tears and made me cuddle him for a long time.  He can’t stand the sight of the clippers now.  Poor kid.  He looks so much better though.  He really looks older too.  He’s so gosh darn cute.

Ike’s easy-going personality is continuing to make me a happy mommy.  Man, I thought Silas was easy-going and I wouldn’t get a better baby but I did.  Perhaps not “better” just easier to console.  I think adjusting to the 2nd baby is so much easier because you’re already comfortable with babies.  Isaac hasn’t once freaked out and cried for a long amount of time.  He cries when he’s hungry or tired or wants to be held but once his need is met he’s ok.  He hasn’t started to throw his head back and scream when nursing yet but we’ll wait and see about that, it took Silas a while to do that.  The one thing with Ike is that it’s nearly impossible to get that boy to burp!  Does anyone have a trick they use because I don’t know what to do anymore.  He hardly spits up (Silas puked all over the place…it was terrible) but sometimes I can hear the gas in there but it wont come up!  It sure can come out of his bum bum though!!

I’m really starting to enjoy my little family.  I love my little Isaac and even though Silas is going through a hard to handle stage, of course I love him so much.  I’m so glad to be over my little hormonal emotional hump.  I’m proud of myself for not giving in to it and for getting myself out of it ASAP.  It’s dreadful to feel so sad, I can’t stand being in that state of mind.  Anyway, I have 10 minutes before I’ll wake up Silas (he’s sleeping a long time this nap) so I’m going to go veg.  I’ve spent Silas’ entire nap time trying to get Ike to sleep.  He was slightly wired.


  1. Hi there – I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and figured it was about time to introduce myself 🙂

    I found your blog through Leanne’s – who I actually don’t know either. I heard about her blog from my SIL Rosanna who is friends with her. So, anyway, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. We had our 2nd baby back in November (whose name would’ve been Silas had she been a boy!) and we are also dealing with a testing 2-year-old. So, I can relate to your posts as we are in a similar stage of life.

    Anyway, just thought I’d make myself known! Feel free to check out our blog. It’s a private one so you’ll have to give me your email address if you’re interested (email me at

    Cobbs bread is yummy – sorry to hear it was raw 🙁

  2. violet was also hard to burp at first. my midwife showed me the thumb and pointer finger under chin, back erect, make baby bob forward, backward, side to side. that seemed to work on occassion. when I wasn’t successful, Adam seemed to be able to do it by getting Violet to dance a little more…ie. more bobs.
    now, success seems to come from a lying on the back position and making her sit up at a hinge from the hips, back straight…if the burp doesn’t come right away, a couple pats on the back loosens things up and out comes a spectacular burp.

  3. Yay for a nice long walk, but boo on the bread. There’s a Cobb’s by my chiropractor, and I WON’T GO IN!!! I’m afraid of the addiction that will most likely follow (I’m a serious bread addict. I’ve only allowed myself to enjoy bread on occasion during this pregnancy because I “need” it according to the food guide. But after I’m done gestating? The bread is being CUT OUT again). But, every time I see the Cobb’s sign, I think of you!

    Sorry to hear that Silas didn’t enjoy his hair cut, that’s sad! But most kids don’t at that age. Now you’ll have a little time to let it grow out until you have to trim it again. Maybe he’ll not be quite so scared of them next time (kind of like bathing a cat? Every time it gets easier?). We’ve always maintained that if we had a boy we were going to keep his hair pretty short, so I know ours would have to get used to it (at least with having a girl, it’s not so worrisome – we can just let it grow).

  4. When my little one wouldn’t burp I would lift him with my hands under his armpits. I did this a couple of times, then back to the shoulder. But usually the pressure from lifting him would help with the burp.
    I’ve never heard of Cobbs. Perhaps I’ll have to check it out when I come in August.

  5. Kait- don’t go in!! I was the same way but then I tried a few things other people had bought from there. The smell coming from that place draws me in now.

    Jamie- hey thanks for stopping by! I love hearing from my readers.

  6. Sorry the bread disappointed you maybe they’ll make it up to you in a worthwhile way, sorry I got you addicted it was not my intension.. I’m thinking about you and your boys a lot today and I’m very happy to hear that your day went well, especially the walk. I think Silas benefited from time with only you today , back to the way things used to be.

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