Oh How It’s Grown

My tomatos caught blight so I had to pick them all early.  I washed them in a bleach solution to kill any fungus and they’re ripening beautifully.  I’m pleased I didn’t lose them.

They said the corn would get 7 feet tall…it’s about 10 now.  I can’t wait until it’s ready!!

There’s one squash on this massive plant…I’m hoping for more though.

It’s all monsterous!!


  1. Looks like your squash leaves are showing mold. Ours sure are but still producing yellow crookneck.
    We also have an “extra” vege. source. Lewis, our neighbor, has left fresh corn on our doorstep for two days now. YUM

  2. The tomatoes you gave me have been ripening one at a time; it’s perfect! And they’re delish! AND! They don’t make my tongue itch.

  3. Oh, I am completely envious. But alas, it was only 99 degrees today…. planting season is coming!!!! I love AZ. I love AZ. I love AZ. (I keep telling myself that.)

  4. Wow! Good for you! We just planted our first garden this year (first Spring in our own home – woot!) and it doesn’t look anywhere near that impressive of course, but it sure feels good to grow our own!

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