The Ball is Rolling

So I got a call from child development this morning.  At first it was disheartening, this lady was really confusing.  She had me thinking that Silas was in some sort of limbo stage.  Her program only deals with children enrolled in pre-school or school and Infant and Child development only deals with Children up to three.  She was making it sound like a year until anything would happen.

Soon Infant and Child Development called and said they’d be taking over for us…phew.  So our person…I dunno what she would be called…is Dorothy and she’s coming to see us tomorrow night!!  We’ll talk about Silas and get all of the referral forms filled out so he can be on the waiting list for therapy asap.  Phewf.

It’s going to be a long time before FVHAN (Fraser Valley Heath Assessment Network) gets here to assess him.  Aparrently a year.  So he wont have that official diagnosis which is fine with me.  Maybe by the time they get here he’ll be lots better anyway, who knows.

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that I think biomedical intervention is going to help Silas the most.  I know not all of you believe in alternative medicine but I sure do.  Our DAN Doctor (defeat autism now) will be helping us with that…once we find one.  Just simple things like detoxing from heavy metals, getting rid of candida, taking Mb12 shots etc are all very helpful.  Here I’ll show you.

Interesting huh?  I think so.  I know with my own self, supplements and such can change my entire day if I end up talking them all.  I just really think they’ll have something for Silas.  Part of me wonders how toxic that little body is from me being a hairdresser while I was pregnant.  All those fumes and such.  Who knows?

It’s strange to me how I had SUCH a concern for Silas’ diet as a baby.  I was MAJORLY concerned with him eating all organic, breastfeeding for a long time, and also getting loads of omegas into him.  Omegas help build your brains and I was doing it to help prevent ADHD, it’s been shown as a good preventative measure.  I was SO convicted to do this.  I’m so glad now.  I really have nothing to beat myself up about.  In fact I’m pretty sure he’s a lot better because of it.  I need to get him back on fish oils though and onto a better vitamin supplement…I don’t thin Arther supplements are going to cut it anymore.  So I’m off to research online and get my boy some of that.


PS for those of you who are gagging at the though of alternative medicine…I hope to show you the light 🙂


  1. Wow. That’s a great video. I think you should film Silas like that dad did. What an amazing thing the internet is. I’ve never even heard of Mb12, that sound really cool.

  2. i respectfully refrained from punching someone’s head today when they said “there’s not much she can do for him until he’s older anyways.” (deep breathing helped) i can’t wait to see what you figure out works for Silas! he is so lucky to have a mommy with a brain… ok, that doesn’t mean other mom’s who do different things don’t have brains okay! i’m just highlighting the bigness and openness of Leah’s! xxoo

  3. Leah, I think what you’re doing is so so good and incredibly important.

    Ever since I started my own research and pharmacology studies about 10 months ago – everything points to diet, cleansing the body of toxins and breaking those built up dependencies that we go through our whole lives thinking are fine and normal. I’ve been working more specifically with drug addiction recovery, withdrawl issues, and basic mental health and stability in general. But I’ve found that everything mental-health related is heavily influenced by environmental conditioning, supplements when needed and basically more detailed attention to what’s really happening inside our bodies. Anyway, it’s just so good that you’re approaching things so proactively. It’s an inspiration.

    There are so many wonderful things about this situation with you able to be home to do specialize behavior training, having so many people in your life who love and care for you and your family so much. (heart)

    That’s a super long comment if I ever saw one! I’m off to apply for more jobs. Love you so much darling and we’ll talk soon.
    (Plus set up my visit!!)

  4. Oh! I forgot – there is a lot of good information about basic behavior intervention too. Trained therapists who specifically work with Autistic children who can come to your home on a regular basis. They initiate interaction and play therapies, some of which you probably already do but must have a hard time sometimes with Ikey…. just a thought, maybe something to look into for the future.

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