Playgroup and stuff

So this morning I decided that we should go to a play group that the Infant/child development people put on.  I swallowed whatever it is that makes me scared of places like that and we went.

The people there was SUPER nice and SUPER great with kids.  They kept saying how good Silas was at everything which, honestly, felt unusual.  I wanted them to agree with me that he needed help.  I guess it’s reassuring that he’s so stinking smart.  Because he is stinking smart.  I hope they don’t look at just that though.

The sucky thing is that we can only go to this playgroup for another few months.  They only do up to three years old.  No playgroups for him after that.  Dangit.  I like those people.

Both the boys did well in circle time as well which was surprising.

Honestly, watching those people play with Silas and Isaac, I have no idea how to play with a child.  I’m not good at playing with my own kids.  Having to sit and play to me is like…GAH.  No idea.  I’m going to have to do a lot of it though.

Part of me wonders if Silas is just incredibly under-stimulated because I don’t give him enough of that.  Maybe it’s all me??

Oh mommy guilt…go away.

I’ve changed our schedule.  One nap a day for both boys.  Less time in their rooms…more time doing things.  I’ll try to not scratch my eyeballs out.  I need to find us activities to do away from home.  There’s a few I have in mind.  I need more IDEAS!!

So blogging happens later now…during an afternoon nap time.  Less time for myself.  Gah.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m so selfish ha ha.

Know what else is stupid??  The amount it takes to make my house clean.  Like not long at all.  Why am I so weird about that?

No I don’t think I’m hating myself today…maybe I am.  Who knows…weird blog day.


  1. I’m really horrible at playing with my kids. I don’t have the patience for it or something. Sometimes I have to tell myself “just kick the ball 10 times…”

  2. The CCRR group here offers several different playgroups for kids after age 3. I think its called kindergym. You should phone your local CCRR(Child care resource and referral) and ask if they have any others. You’d think there’d be some near by you. They are alot of fun. If Em wasn’t in daycare all week we’d go to one.

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