One of Those Days

Today is turning out to be one of those days.  I couldn’t fall asleep last night again because of things on my mind (unusual for me) so I was up trying to tire my eyes out more by playing on the computer.  At about 12am I think I fell asleep only to be woken at 6:20 to a toddler who was adamant about getting out of his crib ASAP.  For those of you who don’t know, my son usually plays in there for at least an hour every day, giving me some much needed sleep time.  That didn’t happen yesterday OR today, today was actually worse.  We mainly had a good morning and he delighted me with his involvement in the song “If you’re happy and you know it”.  I sang “if you’re happy and you know it praise the Lord” and he raised his hands and said “amen” and it was stinking adorable.  I’ve only showed that to him a few times now.  Anyway, he had some weird crying fits over nothing and screaming fits over cookies, nothing violent still though (woot).  I put him down for his nap but he only slept for maybe 45 mins but I think it was more 30 mins.  Now he’s up and about and this mommy didn’t get her nap in again.  I’m running on very little sleep.  I gave rocking him back to sleep a valiant effort but no such luck for me.

I need to not feel guilty about being a little lazy on days like this.  All I really want to do is sit on the couch and eat KFC (now that they switched away from the trans fats, perhaps their food wont make me so ill…I’m having my once a year KFC craving and I might have to give in) but the mess around me is haunting me and I’m starting to feel like it’s closing me in.  Really, having a baby growing inside of you is a full time job in itself.  It takes as much energy to do that as it does to hike up mountains every day.  I’m sure not very high mountains, but I think a continuous uphill hike is what that analogy meant when I read it somewhere.  Alas I still feel guilty and I don’t think I’ll be ok unless I at least get the dishes mostly done and my kitchen a bit cleaner.  It drives me nutso too.  My husband and I just never clean up after ourselves, we seriously don’t actually think of it…at least I don’t.  So we get piles of things everywhere and it really drives me nutso, but I still don’t think to clean them up as I make them.  This used to drive my parents crazy…and roommates.  Good thing Brent’s just the same as I am.  Anyway, I’m feeling guilty about the stupid mess.

Oh the joys and frusterations of being a mommy.  I feel like lately I’ve been rather negative but we are going through a bit of a hard time with these teeth that are coming in.  Today he’s just started to cry for no reason a lot.  He’s got Mortin in him so I guess that’s all I can do for the pain.  He wont chew on things or let me stick anything in his mouth really (unless it’s a cookie) so I can’t do much else for the pooper head aside from being understanding.  Anyway, he’s wanting me near him again so I guess I’ll wrap this up.  Goodness I hope I get a good sleep tonight!


  1. Oh joy! Something to look forward to 😛

    I hope that you’re able to get some sleep tonight. Heaven knows that you deserve it!

  2. I have had many days like that. Days that I just want to curl up on the couch and sleep. Why don’t the little boogers get it? LEAVE MOMMY ALONE! GO PLAY WHILE MOMMY SLEEPS! 😉 One day that will happen. Will we miss the days like this?

    I feel your pain. ((HUGS)) Hope you got some sleep.

  3. my wife and i are similarly responsible for piles appearing around the house, and similarly wonder why they don’t just disappear of their own accord.

    hope things pick up for you today (literally and figuratively)

  4. I GOT SLEEP! praise the Lord! Silas didn’t yell for me till about 8:30 which is loads better than 6:30 and I think I even got to sleep before 10:30!! Woooooot!

    Now, if only this mess had cleaned itself up overnight.

  5. I think they kinda did that before but they weren’t elves…and it wasn’t a very good thing in the end…or the beginning for that matter.

    …I wish there were House Elves that just chose to come and tidy.

  6. I’d love that. But it would kind of be using my husband’s hard earned money for something that’s my job. I can see doing it when the baby comes a few times but I’ll have my mommy here and then Brent’s mommy so I’ll be fine.

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