Goodness I’m sleepy.  I had a very full day yesterday but I had a pretty good time getting all those photos done.  See my previous post for a little sneak peek at what we did.  It took both of us (my girlfriend and I) a little while to get comfortable with the whole situation but once she got snapping, it was really fun.  Very exhausting though.  It’s really hard to do good facial expressions, I’ve always been unaware of my expression and usually people think I’m glaring at them.  She gave me some visualizations to help me with it, I mainly like the photos that don’t show my face though.  I had a quick peek at them but I’ll save my opinion of them for when she’s done perfecting them with her computer.  Some don’t need it though.  I’ll be happy to have like 5 shots that I love.  Being into photography myself, I know there’s always like 1 good shot for every 10.

I’m not going to try to nap today, I’ve got too much on my mind.  I hardly ever fall asleep when I try anyway.  Today is a TV day, nothing good is on right now though so that’s why I’m blogging away.  I’m not a big fan of daytime TV but I’m too tired to do much else.  Silas brought me books to read to him while I was on the couch.  He’s sleeping now.

It seems as though my instincts were right with dealing with Silas’ violent issues.  He hasn’t really done much to me at all since I let him have it out in his crib.  I guess by doing that, I was helping him with his feelings.  He’s been a much happier boy, still tantrums, but has stopped the violence by about 95%.  I love it when I get it right.  The poor poodle though, his one molar is really coming through.  Two cusps have broken through on it and another one is about to break the surface.  All his teeth thus far have just had one cusp, I can’t imagine what this is feeling like for him.  I guess we all had to go through it though.  I tried the frozen wet cloth that dragonmommie suggested, I kinda had to put it on his gums for him to understand what it was for as he was just walking around holding it in his hands like it were something special.  He chewed on it for a bit but then got distracted.  I later used it to wipe chewed up Fig Newton off my couch pillow so it was handy for something.  I’ll keep trying with it though because I think it could be really soothing for him.

My Chim Chim feels like he’s doing well, he sure is strong.  I kind of expect him to look like Popeye when he comes out.  I’m full of excitement and dread about his arrival.  I was giving a friend tips today on how to help her newborn expel gas and it really got me excited to have another baby I get to pump gas out of, that was always so much fun to do.  This guy can’t stop me from picking his nose either which is one of my favorite motherly past times.  Silas is so used to it now, he usually lets me have his big boogers.  I NEED THEM!  Ha ha.  There’s so many enjoyable things about a newborn that I’m stoked for.  I’m just scared about the double work load that I’m about to have.  I’m really thankful that Silas is a really easy boy for the most part.  Right now it feels like Chim is having a seizure in my tummy, he’s nuts.

Anyway, I’m going to plunk myself back down in front of the TV and wait for something good to come on, or for someone to call me.  Make sure to have a look of the photo on my previous post if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m really proud of it.  And um…GO CANUCKS GO!


  1. Enjoy your T.V Day. We are taking a day off today too. No nothing that feels to much like work. The fun part is that my house is trashed from the party, but I don’t care. It’ll wait till tomorrow for me to clean it! I’m feeling really relaxed about it all. so enjoy your day too.

  2. It was interesting reading about Silas being violent as i’ve been having similar issues here.

    My son started having tantrums and lashing out at me in the past couple of weeks (he has two molars coming through). I’ve been putting him down on the floor and letting him thrash it out then give him a cuddle when he’ll let me. Or when he’s having a tantrum on the floor, I’ve started telling him “i’m going to the kitchen, are you coming” and walking away. Sometimes that works. I’m going to try putting him in his crib too since it seems like its working well for you. So thanks for that tip.

    Hope you had a relaxing tv day.

  3. So good to hear that someone is feeling my pain. Not that it’s good you’re going through it, it’s just a relief to hear in a way. It only took one trip to the crib but I let him have it out in there until his mad cries started to sound more sad and then I knew he was ready for a cuddle. They just need a good way to get rid of that aggression.

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