Other People’s Filth

I know it’s Thursday and all but I’m not going to do a Thursday 13 today. Because it’s move in day!! We went and saw our place last night as a family. Pretty much the most exciting thing we’ve done (other than getting married and having babies) as a couple. We filmed it all and whatnot. It’s filthy in there. I was pretty shocked about that but what can ya do? A bottle of bleach will do the trick. We were pretty dissapointed though. The place is covered in a layer of sticky. The fireplace has garbage in it. Dumb idea because it’s capped off so you can’t actually put fire in there. So I’m going to have to empty it. They still have ashes in there too. Weirdos.

I really don’t know how anyone could get such a layer of grime on the walls. They’re filthy and sticky and yuck. Time for some TSP action!! I’m all about natural cleaners but not when it comes to a layer of someone else’s grime. Anyway, another glitch in the process but I’m so hyper and happy about our home that I’ll let it go without it getting me too down. I did write a letter though, with strong words. I love writing strong-worded letters. Makes me feel like I actually have a back-bone.

I’m eating Rolo ice cream and fudgi-os. It’s my brother in laws fault. He forced it on me!!

Here’s a pretty photo of Silas for you to enjoy!



  1. That pic of Silas is too dang funny!! Oh man – I remember moving into my house 4 years ago – EEEEEWWW!! The old man had used his underwear as insulation – it was SO gross finding that! The place definitely needed some TLC! It’s totally different now 🙂

  2. Silas’ hair reminds me of a little chick! He’s so adorable.

    Even when I moved into clean looking places, I still bleached/pinesol’d the whole place. ::shudders:: You just don’t know what the people before you were like, you know?

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