Trials of a Homeowner

So we’re in.  We’re not fully in until tomorrow.  The carpets that were supposed to be in aren’t just in one room.  The measurements were very wrong.  So Silas and Isaac have carpet.  We’ll have wooden stairs and just underlay in the guest room for a week or so.  Dangit!  The men are just finishing putting in the laminate in our bedroom.  The hall will have to wait for tomorrow.  Always draw backs.  Always.

I’ve lured some friend to my house tomorrow with promises of beer and BBQ once everything is moved in.  I think that will go smoothly.

I love my sister-in-law!!  I LOVE YOU LEANNE!!  She remembered some tips for nursing with a crazy let down so now I nurse almost laying on my back and I smoosh his face so he feels more support.  It’s been working and nursing is much better today.

Anyway, I’m all done talking now.


  1. I am very impressed with you strength! I hope you are totally finished and settled in soon. And I’m so glad for you!! ptl

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