Party Time

Silas’ birthday party went off without a hitch.  It was really fun for him I think.  He had his two best toddler buds here to play with and loads of cake and snacks.  I kinda just filled the table with all of his favorite snacks and let him graze.  We took into consideration Lucas’ allergies and there was a cake with no eggs, apple punch, and we kept the fruits he’s allergic to in the middle of the table.

The cake was a miracle.  My sister Jennie is a cake master, aside from Juliet’s perfect carrot cake of course, and blew us all away again with her mad cake-making skills.  People are still talking about her wedding cake she made me…this was good like that…almost.  All the kids had their own cupcake and us adults shared the big cake.  We polished the rest off last night and sang Silas happy birthday again.

Silas made us sing “happy birthday” twice and exclaimed how hot the candles were over and over.  He didn’t quite get them blown out.  Mommy helped.   He didn’t finish all of his cupcake but I think he was very excited to play with his new toys.

He got loads of trucks and he hasn’t really stopped playing with them.  Colin and Leanne got him a gloworm and he calls it his baby and carries it around.  It’s a great toy.  In the mornings he snuggles longer in bed with me because we bring his glow glow baby along (yes he calls it that, no I had nothing to do with it).

In the middle of the party, a big balloon bouquet showed up at the door.  The toddlers went wild playing with them.  Lucas and Ireland went nuts…Silas enjoyed them but was more into playing with his new trucks.  He hates being caught up in all of the ribbons.  Lucas loved that part and wore them around most of the night.  Ikey really enjoys chewing on the ribbons.

Anyway, the party was great.  I’m glad he had a good time.  He was soooo grumpy for his first birthday.

If you haven’t gone and looked at the photos you really should, they’re great.

Click here for birthday party photos and then click here for more.


  1. Hey you!

    Party was awesome! AND SO WAS THE CAKE!!! (good job Jennie:))
    So glad Silas had such a great time, and that he was in a better mood then last year, haha.
    Also, so glad he liked the trucks:).

    Photos are adorable aswell:), soooo cute how they all played together, everyone got along so so well!

    Well, talk to you soon babycakes!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Silas looks like he had a blast! The pictures of him blowing out his candles are so cute. You can see his hesitance. He REALLY wants the cupcake but isn’t sure about the whole fire thing! 🙂 Too precious!

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