I’m sick :(

My bones are aching

My head is pounding

My nose is snotting

My poops are running

My tummy is cramping

I’m Sick

Like my poem?? I know, I’m so artistic aren’t I??  I thought my line about my feces was rather beautiful and articulate.  What kinda poem is that Jill??

I hate being sick.  Ikey is sick too.  He disturbed  me too much in the night.  There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the night when you’re sick.  You’re sore, you’re hot, standing makes your head hurt and all the boogers in your nose that you didn’t mind while you were sleeping are now bother you very much.

Amongst all the sickness and bothersome babies, I do enjoy snorking the yellow snot out of Isaac’s nose.  It really is a science though.  I’ve found that if you plug one nostril then you get better suction.  You actually get the best suction if they’re crying because then all the air is going out of their mouth.  I really love nose snorking a lot.  Seems so satisfying for them.  As for me, I need to rinse my nose soon, that really helps a sinus infection.  It’s magical.

Aside from being sick, my wrists are carpel tunnel-ing…or something.  Know why?  Because Isaac is so stinking large.  He’s at the 22 pound mark, yes and he’s only 5.5 months old.  Jerk.  Really, he could have just leveled out like Silas did.  Anyway, now he needs a new car seat.  I’m kinda just wanting to go to a car dealership, trade in my golf for a nice, old minivan so we’ll actually have room now.  Oh well.

My sister Jennie is here today, it’s nice to have company when you’re sick.  She made brownies with Silas and now I want to eat them.  Anyway, I feel ill sitting here.  Have a nice day folks.

Weight Loss Wendnesday Update 

leave me alone.


  1. Ohhh:(, sorry your sick:(, boooo!
    Hope you feel better soon! I’ll be over to eat brownies asoon as you are better!:) Lol!

  2. Must say I’m sorry the sick bug found you…its always bad when you have little kids. Glad to hear Jennie was over though and the brownies sound temping to make.

  3. HAHAHAH! P.S. Just noticed your “weight Loss Wednesday” comment, haha!, “Leave me alone” very nice! Today was “brownie eating wednesday” eh? haha!

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