Peanuts are POOPY

I really don’t feel like writing right now. My mind is going a million miles an hour about things I can’t really talk about on here. But I guess I can come up with a few things to say.

There’s a major weight lifted off my shoulders since I stopped the birth control. I feel again, I want to touch people again. I feel more endorphines again. There’s not a black cloud above my head. Yay, I’m so happy. I really can feel a difference. Woot.

Silas looks like he’s getting sick. Aside from his ear infections (I think he’s getting another one), he’s only been sick twice ever. Once in the hospital with RSV when he was 5 months and then last Christmas with a sinus infection. He’s got such a killer immune system, I don’t see why he’s got a peanut allergy.

I really hate this stupid allergy. You have to be so darn careful. Lots of people don’t understand the care you need to put into it. Peanuts are poison, they’re the criminal who wants to kidnap my son, they’re the lysol lurking under the cabinet that he shouldn’t drink (although, my sisters Jill and Juliet did some experimenting with that one once, no it doesn’t taste like juice and yes, you’ll puke instantly), they’re the pills inside the bottle with a child-safe lid. They’re poison. I wouldn’t let my son be in a house that cooks meth, that’s why peanuts don’t come into my house…or anything that COULD have peanuts in it. It’s hard for people without allergies to understand that. I’m hoping with all my heart that he’ll get tested for it and it wont be real. That he reacted to like…nothing. That it went away. Stupid peanuts. It breaks my heart. I do know how my SIL Leanne feels now. With having to push strangers hands away from her sensitive boy, having to ask people to wash their hands to hold him. Most people look at you like you’re a loon. Not many really understand.

Brently got a raise. He’ll be making an extra 500 bucks a month. WAY too exciting. We’re going to go over money stuff this weekend and hopefully I’ll get him on board with a good plan to rid ourselves from debt. Then after that we can work hard to pay down the principle on our mortgage. I’m going to get my minivan!! Ha ha…I never thought I’d write that with exclamtion marks after it.

I guess I did have a lot to say. I’m going to hop in the shower now while both boys are sleeping. I’m glad Silas is napping today. It looks like he’s starting to drop that nap. Too bad for him that Mommy will still make him have FOB time (flat on bed) every day until he’s in school full time 🙂 MUHAHAHA

OOPS I forgot to do my weight loss Wednesday update.  Things are going well, I’ve lost a couple pounds and aside from my husband Sabotaging me last night with a Mars bar and Silas demanding that I share just one more melted cheese wrap with him this after noon, I’ve been doing good!  I’ll try and make sure to get those photos up tonight!


  1. Just want to say that that is the perfect way to describe peanut allergies – the stranger wanting to kidnap, the pills in the childproof bottle. I nannied two little girls with three different life threatening allergies between them – peanut, egg, DAIRY (dairy is the hardest one to avoid!) and other less threatening allergies. It’s tough. People don’t get it but it is real and oh so dangerous. You know that saying about the devil’s greatest accomplishment being convincing humankind that he doesn’t exist? Well the thing that is most threatening and dangerous for people with life-threatening allergies is the people who don’t understand, and worse yet, don’t try to.

    Hang in there. 🙂

  2. Way cool about the raise! Can I have a loan?! 😛 So no more pill then, huh? Did you decide to try the IUD? I’m still chicken even though I know it’s probably the best option!

  3. Hi there – I’m a mom of a kid with PA who surfed in via google alerts. Actually, PA can be a sign of a “killer immune system” – the immune system is on overdrive, which is why it attacks somethng that should be safe.

    If you ever want to talk to a group of people who really understand, there’s a message board for families dealing with peanut and other food allergies at It’s a great place to find support and help with things like how to deal with schools.

  4. So sorry about the peanut allergy. I understand the scariness, not because we have food allergies ourselves, but because of some close friends of ours. Their daughter has a severe potato allergy, which in our culture is tough. (No french fries or potato chips.) She can’t even be in a room where the steam from boiling potatoes is in the air. We used to have them over for a meal once in a while and I’d be scared to death that I would forget and have some hidden potato ingredient on the menu and cause a reaction.

  5. I’m glad that you were scared about it. So many people don’t care. My nephew has an egg and tomato allergy so I’m always scared when he comes over too.

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