Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Things about Pluckymama

What I needed to know in life I learned from Kindergarten my siblings.

Thirteen life lessons taught to me by my 4 wonderful siblings, being the youngest you do absorb a lot from the elderly siblings. Ha ha, elderly.

  1. Juliet taught me how to properly use a curling iron to get my bangs just so.
  2. Andy taught me how to throw a ball which has come in handy in the impressing boys department because I don’t throw like a girl
  3. Jill (my mommy mentor) has taught me many mothering things and is always keeping me up to date on what I should and shouldn’t be doing to my kids.
  4. Jennie taught me to not feel so down on myself about my housekeeping skills, other people are just like me.
  5. Juliet taught me how to drive a stick shift before I was actually able to drive.
  6. Andy taught me how to wrestle and not be such a wimp.
  7. Jill taught me about being a healthier person and is such a good example in that area.
  8. Jennie taught me how to make french toast and that being creative in the kitchen isn’t scary.
  9. Juliet taught me how to get a car out of a snowy ditch when you’ve been turning corners with the e-brake on 🙂
  10. Andy taught me about all the good pressure points on the body by hitting them on me…a lot.
  11. Jennie taught me how to sew shorts…but I forgot.
  12. Jill taught me to make a wicked curry…but don’t put tandoori sauce in it or else it’ll be pink.
  13. Juliet (the most influential sibling growing up so she gets one more than everyone else) taught me how to pull toes out of their sockets which Silas actually really enjoys (I came upon that by accident).


All my sibling waiting for my mom to pop so they can influence me and bother me.


  1. I’m probably the one that taught Juliet how to pull toes out of their sockets … so I’ll share the credit on #13.

  2. Tis true, Jennie is the original toe puller-outer. I have traced all of my issues, both physical and mental, back to having my toes pulled as a child (sniff sniff).

  3. AWWWWEEE:):) I love the photo! That is such an awesome pic!:) You were all so cute! And how cute was your mom?? AWWE!:) Good posting, made me smile, ahh… what would life be without siblings:) (and things like toe pulling) Lol!

  4. How about knowing how to throw a ball through your geans? When your Mom was a young girl she wanted a baseball glove for a present. Besides knowing her baseball team players statistics, she knew their wives and childrens names, etc. Also she knew how to hit a home run. On a visit from Calif. to where her grandparents lived (where we moved to Calif. from) the neighbor kids had built a ball field, including a good back stop. When she came up to bat, the boys in the outfield moved it. After all just a girl was coming up to bat. Wham-o, she hit it clear over the center fielder’s head. In later innings they did not move in closer when she came to bat.

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