Chicken Little and the Princess of Ooga Booga Land

Well new Zaza bags are up this week again!! I didn’t sew any of them (again) but I did photograph the ones my sis made.

*sigh* photography. Whenever I have a client I get such a buzz off it. I’m a bit of my own worst enemy on it though. I’m scared. I want to start my own business doing it but I’m scared of it all. I dunno why.

I want to take more courses. I need to be actually watching all those pod casts on photography that I subscribe to. GAH!

I dunno why I get so scared I need to do more things that make me scared though. I just wonder about childcare if I need it and worry about the peanut allergy and I dunno why else I’m scared. I don’t want to do it full time. Even two clients a week would give us an extra 1200 bucks a month to use!! Gosh I need to do this. MAKE ME DO IT!! I’m pretty sure that my first clients (who found me through this blog) didn’t have much of a clue that I was nervous.

Mark!! Make me a website!! Gawsh I have a million friends who are graphic designers and one who’s willing to make me a logo and such.

*sniff* I need encouragement. I’m such a chicken.

In other news, I taught Silas to say “testicles” which has proven to bring hours of entertianment….to me


  1. Leah. You have a natural talent for photography, more than anyone else I know. They always say. “Do what you love and find a way to get paid for it”. I think that this photography business could be it. DO IT! I know that you can be sucessful.
    PS I didn’t think that you were nervous at all. You did a great job, very profestional.

  2. Here’s a bit of encouragement… from a stranger. I say do it. Just jump right in. From what I see in your writing and photography on this blog, I am sure that you’d be able to make a go of it. I you don’t, you’ll always wonder “what if”…. I hate what ifs, ha, I know them well.

    Like you said we all need to do something that scares us. Baptism by fire, as they say. We can’t grow without it; and some of us, more than others. You’re so very lucky that you can dictate when and how many hours you want to put in. So many people can’t say that. Where I live, in the USA, the school system incorporated something they call a “Wrap Around” program. This is to enable working moms to leave their kids off before school at 7am, then also one available for after school, till 7pm. That’s a 12 hour day for preschoolers… much too long for those little guys… but these moms have no choice. I couldn’t do it, but I’m lucky that we are somehow squeaking by. Still, I’ve got to find a way to supplement hubby’s income which is pitiful.

    I have a three year old and I’m looking for ways I can work at home, too. For me, it will mean taking a 15 month course, then HOPE that I can find a job that will let me work at home. I’m not complaining, just giving you something to compare yourself to.

    So, I say GO for it! It’s so amazing that you find yourself at these crossroads! Follow your heart, it won’t let you down. Have FUN!

  3. Testicals!…Hahahahaha!

    Leah, how cool would that be to have your own home business?! That’s my dream. Set your own hours, be as busy or slow as you want, be your own boss, still be able to be with your kids…and you are a FANTASTIC photographer! DO IT! 🙂

  4. Think of Nike and “Just do it.” 😉 You have talent, use it!

    Also, think of the amount of money extra you could bring by doing seomthign you love. It would benefit your whole family. 🙂

  5. my advice if you want it: i suggest you go about it in small increments to make it a little less overwhelming. and write up a plan with steps to take and dates to have them done by, and stick to that plan. and remember, bravery isn’t being unafraid, its doing things you’re frightened of even though you’re afraid.

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