This morning Isaac decided to put his independent pants on and refused to eat oatmeal if I was feeding it to him.  So I just gave him the bowl.  He tried for a bit with the spoon but eventually resorted to his fists.  He came out the other end of the experience surprisingly clean.  I think it’s because yesterday I let him loose on a bowl of re fried beans and now he thinks he’s the man!

My brave brave Silas who loves to leap off tall things decided to take a flying leap of death this morning.  Good thing he aimed for me and good thing I can catch.  He was like 5 or 6 stairs up AND the baby gate was at the bottom of the stairs AND I was on the other side of the gate.  He cried after because I was exclaiming my shock.  I don’t think he’ll be doing that again.

We sent Brent’s resume off last night.  We put it into PDF format a few times, went to send it, got scared and re-read the whole thing over.  Good thing we did.  I hope we caught everything.  I have three sisters who rock the world of grammar, but they weren’t available for help, I hope it was OK.  YIKES.

Brent’s never ever had to ever make a resume his entire life.  He’s always offered jobs and takes them.  I was surprised that no one ever taught him how to make one.  Oh well, good thing I listened in that class.

Isaac has been super sleepy these past few days.  In the mornings he wakes up and I give him a bunch of toys and I go back to bed.  I did that with Silas at that age too.  Yesterday and today I finally go in there like 40 minutes before his nap time and he’s curled up between toys, fast asleep.  He’s in his nap now only like an hour later and he’s quiet.  He even took a long afternoon nap yesterday and then turned into evil angry Ikey for a good two hours.  Yaaaaay.

Tonight Brent and I have a date night.  I bought this “entertainment book” a while ago and there’s coupons for two 4 one meals at fairly unimpressive restaraunts so we’ll go to one of those and then I think there’s coupons for bowling so we’ll do that.  Mediocre food and bowling, sounds like a gay old time to me!!

Like how my title has nothing to do with the content??   Gosh I think that’s funny.  Silas just picked his nose and said “don’t pick your nose” and then ate the booger.  Yaaaaaay


  1. Yay I’m so happy you’re getting to go on a date…I love it when my kids have fun. I used to not make them work sometimes if they were playing nicely.

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