Wal Mart for an Hour = HELL

I went for a trip to Wal Mart yesterday with my brother.  I said “Oh for sure we can hang out there for an hour while your photos develop!”  CHA RIGHT.  We made it, but hardly.  Silas was a psycho.  The kid that lays on the floor and screams.  People were looking around for who he belonged to because I’d just walk away.

I was looking for the step 2 kitchen that was on MASSIVE sale.  The b$&#^ I mean nice lady yelled mean things to me about how they were gone ages ago as she marched away in a huff.  Good customer service.  Anyone near a Wal Mart?? I really want a little kitchen for my boys emphasis on the “little”.  I bought a different brand but it was too flimsy.  There’s one on craigslist that I can get for $35 but the phone and coffee pot are missing. Boooo.

I hate Wal Mart though, it’s fun in there and all.  Just goes against everything I believe in pretty much.  Mass consumerism, a bunch of crap nobody needs.  People getting uber rich by being very selfish.

Silas is mr cuddle bum today.  He’s on my lap right now…just in a diaper.  Oblivious to the fact that I’m totally content with him there…and with the smell of his breath…and his soft skin on my legs or his soft hair on the back of his head that I’m feeling with my lips 🙂

His ability to cuddle makes me think there’s no way he’s got autism.  He’s the snuggle meister.  He was in bed with me this morning for well over an hour and if I rolled over he’d get mad at me and lay on top of me to get a good connection for the snuggle.  Cute Silas.

Silas is doing something new and interesting.  We all know he loves music.  He’s started doing beats with his mouth.  Like beat boxing.  They usually make sense too.  Weird kiddo.  Maybe he’s just a genius…geniuses are always quirky.

So…for all you prayers, I have an assignment for you 🙂 Brent’s applying for a job, a great job, a city job.  He’s got an “in” and was actually asked to apply for the job so he’s got a good chance of getting it.  This would mean financial security for us forever.  It comes along with paid vacations, pension, health care up the ying yang and the ability to work himself into much higher pay.  They’d give him a van full of tools and a gas card which would already save us money each month, not to mention the raise in pay we’d be enjoying.  It wouldn’t be much, about 10 grand extra a year…which I guess is quite a bit.  I dunno what the tax man will take out of that though.  Anyway, we want this job, badly.  The only downside is that he’d always be having to commute even farther than he is.  But he’d only has to put in his 8 hours and go home which is like BOOYA.  Anyway, all you prayers…you know what to do.  We’re sending in the resume TONIGHT and he should have his interview next week.


  1. Will do…pray that is. Brent sounded excited when he first told us about the job op.and really is there a more capable man? Sales people aren’t what they used to be it seems. Maybe I should go and be a good old sales person.

  2. Walmart stories warm my heart. There are so many of them! I heard a comedian once talking about taking his kids to Walmart when they were already dirty because they would surely need a bath afterward.
    I was in our Walmart once and noticed a man wearing a royal blue t-shirt. Across the front it had the big, white WALMART in a box. Under the box it said, “Your source for cheap plastic crap.” It totally made me laugh that he was wearing it IN Walmart.
    Praying for Brent.

  3. Boy have I been on that side of the fence. Walmart used to be a total nightmare. When people ask me to describe my daughter as a youngster this is what I tell them. “ya know the kid on the other side of the Super Walmart screaming it’s head off. You want to go find their parents and smack them around. Well that could would be mine and she usually would be screaming because the lights are too bright, someone looked her in the eye, or someone spoke to loud.”

    I think from about ages 2-4 she never went out in public with us.

  4. walmart IS so icky, but dang it, the diapers were so cheap there when Cornelius was born and we were so poor… (hanging head in shame) 🙂

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