Some Info I’ve Withheld

So, I’ve been withholding information.  I just didn’t want to alarm anyone though.  So please don’t let this worry you in any way, it’s really nothing to worry about.

Silas has been showing symptoms of something else going on for quite some time.  I’m not going to use words like “autism” or “ADD” because I don’t want to suggest anything.

Anyway, we had our first drs appointment about it all yesterday.  Firstly we need to make sure that his raging and quick temper isn’t because there’s something wrong with him like he can’t see out of one eye or has weird chemical imbalances.  Then we need to look at the other things he does like spinning stuff all the time and lining his toys up…or his love of deep pressure and a little bit of pain.

All “symptoms” are rather mild.  No he doesn’t sit and stare at things spinning all day with a glazed look on his face.  He’s active and moves around enjoying many things that spin and he moves from one thing to the next.  That and the fact that he never went through the pointing phase are two of his bigger symptoms…I guess the raging as well.

My doctor thought it, as well as his possible asthma, was worth a trip to the ped .  He gave me a new perscription for my puffer as well as one for allergy induced asthma so SIlas will be ok if he has another attack before we go the the dr.

Anyway, it’s nothing too major.  Just want to make sure the quirks that Silas has are actually his own personality and nothing else.  I just feel like it’s my responsibility.  We’ve always made jokes about Silas but a lot of my family notices things that perhaps are a bit weird.  So we’re just going to make sure.

Jill works with kids like Silas and ones that are WAY more at risk all of the time.  I know she has seen a lot of red flags in Silas by the way she asks questions about him.  It was her who told me finally to get him to the dr to make sure there’s not something physical going on.  I was the one who finally, after avoiding it this whole time, looked up the symptoms of autism.  I had a mini freak out but the more I read the more I know Silas is and will be just fine.

If there is anything up I’m not going to drug him or anything.  We’ll just get some early intervention happening.  Some play therapy, diet change…etc.  He’ll be fine.  I’m not freaking out, his symptoms are really fairly mild.  Just strong enough to be concerned.

In other news, Isaac said “nose” this morning.

Please no negative comments, ones downplaying my concern, ones telling me that ADD and Autism are over-diagnosed…etc.  I just need support through this, I don’t need it downplayed and I already know most of the facts.  Any other comments supporting me, telling me I’m beautiful or telling me you want to buy me a minivan are greatly and lovingly accepted. I might even caress some of those ones.  Here’s some photos…

Look at this weird flower that bloomed in my yard today. Whaaaaat the heck???
Look at this weird flower that bloomed in my yard today. Whaaaaat the heck??? Wicked photo though hey?? *bowing*
Hey do you like dem tomatoes?? HUH???
Hey do you like dem tomatoes?? HUH??? More of my massively ity bity garden of wonder.
Who are those three handsome boys in the pool??
Who are those three handsome boys in the pool??
I think they're MINE!
I think they're MINE!


  1. Hi, I’m a parent of 3 kids with 2 on the autism spectrum. I recently started blogging and came across yours. The symptoms you describe could be a number of things and you are wise to get the right diagnosis (if any). You might also consider a sensory processing issue. Sometimes kids who have trouble processing their sensory environment can take out their frustration with anger or aggression, especially if they don’t have the right words to describe how they’re feeling. When you describe his craving pressure, that’s my son also. There’s an incredible book called ‘The Out-of-Sync Child’ by Carol Stock Kranowitz that gives you a checklist of things your child may like or dislike and creates a sort of sensory profile. It’s very parent friendly.

    Don’t get overwhelmed and remember that no matter what happens, your little guy is the same one you love today even if someone attaches a diagnosis to him 🙂


  2. Your kids are DARLING!! Nice bum shot. And you can have our minivan! It’s a Honda Odyssy and I want my car back!

  3. I don’t have kids but I’m thinking that you’re handling this very well considering most parents would be freaking right now. It’s good to be calm :).

    On another note, I’m loving your garden pictures! I planted another garden this weekend and absolutely loved loved loved being at the nursery choosing my new baby plants so i can love them.
    I would like to try planting some veggies…how do you know how to take care of them?

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be thinking of you guys. I’m proud of you. I would be freaking out, because I’m just like that.

    And for good measure… you are one hot momma 🙂 and dang you have a good green thumb. Pass some of that this way. I’m good at growing dandelions! haha You should have seen my wildflower patch. It was being taken over by 3 feet tall dandelions. ACK!! Looks so much prettier now. Thinking about going and cutting some. I can’t see them when I’m inside, so I might as well cut some and ENJOY them! 🙂 Wouldn’t you say so.

  5. That is a very cool flower that bloomed (and a great shot too, I must say!)
    I forgot to tell you that OUR BEANS ARE READY! I almost missed them, they’re so well camouflaged…yesterday we had beans, peas, carrots, onions, and zucchini from our garden. YAY! Come get some!

  6. As a mom of two kids on the spectrum, I’d second that plug for “The Out of Sync Child,” and the companion book, “The Out of Sync Child has Fun” that has a lot of activities that really helped our sensory issues. Kids can have those even without a diagnosis! Either way, your kids are still your kids, in their own unique way like all the rest. Best wishes.

  7. haha I didn’t even realize I’d said “little *&!#” until you said so. I must have been really just typing away. I don’t call him a little *&!#, I just say it sometimes if I’m talking to someone or telling a story. Just so ya know. 🙂

  8. I have heard that “the out of sync child” is a great book. So many resources out there are great for typical and non-typical children!

    And, you figured that Silas needed to see a doctor on your own! I just asked questions. That’s the great thing about (most) parents. They actually know their child the best…some just forget. You are awesome at not forgetting! xoxo

  9. You are an awesome mom, oh and I wish I could buy you a minivan. I wish I could buy ME a minivan… not that I love minivans, but with fighting kids, dog, etc… it would make life a little easier.

    I’m going to try some things with my dd to see if they help her moods… have you heard of the book “Little sugar Addicts” by Kathleen DeMaisons? Even if you don’t think Silas is a sugar addict – there are many reasons to read this book – one of them is great recommendations for changes in diet.

    Sending hugs your way. 🙂

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