Some Info I’ve Withheld

So, I’ve been withholding information.  I just didn’t want to alarm anyone though.  So please don’t let this worry you in any way, it’s really nothing to worry about. Silas has been showing symptoms of something else going on for quite some time.  I’m not going to use words like “autism” or “ADD” because I… Continue reading Some Info I’ve Withheld

New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!

Ikey is saying new words almost daily!! Yesterday he said “squish” and “cheers”. This morning he said “fish”. So now he can say: Mama (which sounds like mumum), Dada (which he yelled out when Brent opened the door yesterday), row row row, up, this and that (depending if he wants this or that 🙂 ).… Continue reading New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!