New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!

Ikey is saying new words almost daily!! Yesterday he said “squish” and “cheers”. This morning he said “fish”. So now he can say: Mama (which sounds like mumum), Dada (which he yelled out when Brent opened the door yesterday), row row row, up, this and that (depending if he wants this or that 🙂 ). I’m sure I’m missing something. I was pretty sure he said Silas the other day but he hasn’t repeated it so I never count them if he doesn’t say them more than once.

I love this age that Ikey is at. So much fun. It’s TERRIBLY cute to have him see that I’m drinking something, go get his own cup, bring it over, clink it against mine and say “cheers” in his low, raspy voice. He bashed his cracker on my face yesterday and said “cheers” as well. He’s perhaps a little confused.

I love his raspy voice, so cute. I always though boys with voices like that were so cute and now I have one of my own. Silas’ is SUPER high ha ha ha. But Silas will make a good tenor and we need a Baritone or Bass in the family so lets hope for Ikey :). Brent is a delicious tenor. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

So my garden is MASSIVE now. My squash that I planted from a seed from the inside of a squash I was cooking grows at least an inch a day. My zucchini has new blooms every day and I picked my first baby zucchini and it was buttery and delicious. Some of my beets are ready, I might make some tonight actually and don’t worry, I wont waste those greens.

I’ve been waiting to thin my carrots and now I’ve been thinning them and getting little baby carrots which Silas LOVES to munch on. Lettuce and Kale are coming out of my ears and I’ve also enjoyed some swiss chard…yum. There’s loads of tomatoes but nothing ripe yet. I can’t wait! My strawberries are coming along too, hopefully one will ripen sooon!!!

We’ve been doing loads of BBQing and I’ve found that if you lightly oil and salt some kale and put it on the BBQ it tastes FANTASTIC. I let the edges get a little crunchy and it’s just amazing. Even better if you go heavier on the oil and salt but…not so healthy. Try it try it!!

I sure love getting food from my garden. It’s SO good, SO healthy and SO much better for our environment. Plus it’s WAY cheaper. Honestly I don’t understand why more people don’t do it. Saying you kill plants is NO excuse. It’s easy!! Leanne is a recovered black thumb…you should SEE her garden and baskets. It’s not that hard, you just need a little counseling through it and you’re fine. Plant a garden already!!! Think how happy our planet will be 🙂 And your tummy 🙂

Anyway, some photos from the lovely garden of delights.

The little garden
The little garden..I forgot to mention the corn...I can't believe I'm growing corn ha ha.
zucchini blooms. Beautiful and aparently tasty. Recipes anyone? Some without the batter?
This squash is a monster.  Today it's almost touching the fence.  ACK!
This squash is a monster. Today it's almost touching the fence. ACK! The hole in the leaf is from Ikey. grrrr
Click on this photo if you see ikey in's being should be tomatoes...the tomatoes are hiding from the rain we've had...they'll get fungus if they get wet 🙁
When do they ripen?? Not soon enough!!
When do they ripen?? Not soon enough!!
This strawberry isn't ripening fast enough either.
This strawberry isn't ripening fast enough either.
The dahlia that survived the slugs.  I guess they don't like climbing that high.  Stupid slugs.  I need to do something about them.
The dahlia that survived the slugs. I guess they don't like climbing that high. Stupid slugs. I need to do something about them.
happy plants and my pot of herbs.
happy plants and my pot of herbs. K my salvia isn't happy...I dunno what's going on
The reward
The reward
Look at those colors on the chard!!
Look at those colors on the chard!!

Oooooo AND I got the most amazing bouquet the other day. I cut hair at this group home that my sister works at. I do it for the same price as Magic Cuts but give them actual proper haircuts (because apparently once you step in the doors of that place you forget what you learned in hair school) and they just love it. Anyway, they gave me a hydrangea bouquet and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait for next year when my bushes will have more flowers on them.

the boys enjoy breakfast yesterday
the boys enjoy breakfast yesterday...the bouquet made it better.


  1. Your yard is so happy, your boys are so cute, your house is nice and clean…
    Looks delightful. While I was reading this I just got all full of happiness for you right now. It’s a good time in your life, no?

  2. Cleansing monkey business……. hahahahahah.

    I’m completely envious of your garden and your grass and your flowers and your veggies. I have a porch full of pots of dirt because it’s too blazing hot for anything cute to grow right now. I was noticing yesterday that the flowers that do well when it’s over 35 degrees C are all the color of fire…. yellow, red, orange. Nothing the color of coolness makes it through the summer…. blue, purple….. . Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. I didn’t know you still do hair on the side. that’s awesome! and yes, the flowers are stunning. such pretty colors.

    Your garden looks pro girl!!!! see? anything is possible. you dont have to have a massive yard, one that many “need” or “require” but growing one, from your backyard – no matter the size, can be done. good for you!!!

    the pictures of your boys, continue to amaze me. especially lil ike. (and i know i’ve said this once or twice before) but he’s turning into SUCH a little grown up. he looks older in every new picture i see of him. if babies grow fast, in the eyes of friends and family, i can’t imagine how much that time triples, when you are a parent.

    I wish i lived closer so i could at least visit you on somewhat of semi regular basis. I could pass as that crazy non related, non blood relative aunt, that does nothing but spoil the kids, and goes against what mommy says 🙂 (some of the time) ha!

  4. Leanne- you got it baby

    Rixgal – sorry about your blazing heat. And their fuzzy decorative lumps. Ha ha. I think they’re supposed to look like moss. I like them.

    DB – thanks baby. I wish you could come visit too 🙂

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