Retail Therapy

You know you can buy 100% pure organic chicken poop?  It comes in a milk carton and it’s a bunch of pellets that look like rabbit feed.  I bought some yesterday.  Brent thought I was off my rocker but I thought it sounded like a good idea.  It’s now spread amongst my pots and plants.  It got all mushy in the water.

I didn’t buy the container of 100% cougar pee to scare off the neighbors cats.  I guess it’s cheaper than the pellet gun I’ve been thinking of buying to stop them from crapping in my yard.  But still, it was 25 bucks for pee.  I couldn’t spend that much money on animal waste in one day.

I also bought some slug killer.  Slug killer that only kills slugs and not my kids or the neighbours cat (drat!) or like…the earth.  I saw a slug in my yard and fed it to him and he was just munching away on it like it was the best thing he’s ever eaten.  That sounds so evil but we kinda have a slug issue in these parts.  Killing the slugs is encouraged.  Only if you’re only killing slugs though….and maybe the neighbor’s cat.

I needed retail therapy yesterday and yes, it began with chicken poop.  I don’t often need retail therapy.  Most of you who read this would know that I’m a person that doesn’t need much and it doesn’t have to be fancy either.

I went to the mall after and finally found a strapless bra that works for me.  Then for some reason I ended up in Off the Wall where I never go because I like clothes of the cheaper variety.  Anyway, they had this sale, everything was in my size and I bought 4 shirts that were 50% off the sale price.  They all looked good aside from the white dress that woulda been good if I had pre nursing-for-almost-3-years-straight bossoms.  They were the kinda clothes that looked weird on the hanger but wicked awesome on my body.  2 of them I need to sew a little bit on because the neckline plunges a little to far for my taste…there’s nothing in-between my boobs so I’m not sure why you’d wanna look there.  Oh…I do have a hair that grows there though which could be interesting to look at.  Anyway, I’m putting a stitch so you don’t have to view such things.

I’m typically the person who gets all those racer back tanks, you know you can buy like 5 for 10 bucks in all different colors and you’re set for the summer.  Ya I’m a bit of a nightmare that way.  BUT I only bought 4 new ones this summer and I’m venturing into more interesting things…plus the racer backs don’t show off the full wonder of my new tattoo…which I still love BTW.

The mall was closing thus ending my session.  I went grocery shopping after and got some salmon steaks to BBQ but alas, we ran out of gas on the BBQ so we had it fried.  Still tasty.

I don’t know where I’m going with this blog.  I think that:

1. chicken poop comes in packages

2. kill slugs nicely

3. You can enjoy retail therapy without spending loads of money

4. always carry back up gas for your BBQ

5. Ikey ate potato salad with a fork last night and it was really fun to watch.  He can wield a fork like a pro.  Better than Silas almost…oh Silas.


  1. i good way to kill slugs is to put some beer in a shallow dish (like a tin pie pan) and set it in your garden…slugs love stale beer…i dont know if they get drunk on it and pass out in the beer and drown or what, but it works! As long as the kiddos don’t drink the beer that is…

  2. Ya I’ve heard of that one…I don’t like the smell of stale beer in the hot sun. I was worried about that and my kids getting into it. The stuff I bought is 100% safe for my kids and everything else otherwise I’d just deal with the slugs. Thanks for your comment Lurkyloo 🙂

    Jen, when I read that Silas was watching Ikey’s bday video and you were laughing on it. It was weird.

  3. We solved our problem with the neighbors cat using our flower bed for it’s littler box by buying the biggest, cheapest jar of cayanne pepper we could find and sprinkling a little here and there in our front flower beds. Now I realize that the boys could get into it inside your yard but maybe you could sprinkle a little outside the back fence. Is there any flat surface on the top of the two side fences that a little could be sprinkled on where it would stay?

  4. Glad we don’t have slugs here. Hope that works well. My little guy is doing awesome with a fork too. We are at the… I can eat with a fork now so only give me food that works for that because I won’t let anybody else feed me… right now. It’s so cute watching him with a fork. I love it! I need some cougar pee. I hate cats. Anything for dogs?? Did I mention I’m NOT an animal lover of any kind. And them crapping in my yard makes me even more angry.

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