Pregnant and Irrational

at least I still have my pregnancy glow :)

Typically, I am a reasonable person.  In my older years I’ve gotten a bit nutty around PMS time but I’m still able to tell my husband that I understand I’m being irrational.  This pregnancy I’ve also felt pretty OK but I’ve felt some pretty irrational things and done a few irrational things worth noting.

  • I noticed I had a lot more fun pushing my eldest sister’s buttons a few weekends ago…sorry Jennie
  • A REALLY old lady honked at me for not moving the second the light turned green.  I gave her the finger…I gave her the finger so hard.  I held my arm up there until her car faded into the horizon behind me.
  • I get irrationally angry when people use hashtags on facebook and sometimes hide their posts from my timeline so I don’t have to see it.
  • Sometimes I need dessert in a violent way.
  • If something isn’t going my way you’ll hear “I hate everything” come out of my mouth…but it’s usually in a whisper.
  • I yell at cars that speed through our school zone…like they would actually hear me.
  • I dropped my kids off at school on Monday and then cried because I miss them.

OK I’m going to shut up now before you all start thinking I’m a terrible person 🙂

at least I still have my pregnancy glow :)
at least I still have my pregnancy glow 🙂

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