Nothing like your child starting preschool to make you feel kinda old…and stressed.  I’m pretty sure that I’m the youngest mom.  The rest of them seem like women in their 30’s.  I still feel old.  Especially when they handed me a scholastic book club thingy.  So cute.

Silas’ aid is great.  They made up these little things on a key ring.  Stuff like “circle time” or whatever.  I said that we write things out instead of using visuals so it’s just written out.  She shows them to him and doesn’t say anything and he responds really well to it cuz he just reads it and the reading it gets him excited.  Smart lady.

Anyway, The first day of school I tried to capture some photos, he wouldn’t stand still…this is what I got.

on his way
on his way



alllll done
alllll done


  1. i don’t know jennie, cornelius was rather darling as well…as was amanda and ikey will be too…oh they’re all just so cute!

    yah silas! i can’t wait to visit your preschool! xoxox

  2. I was thinking about Amanda in pre-school after I wrote that. She was certainly also VERY darling. Absolutely the darlingest for her year. But Silas is the darlingest this year.

  3. oooooooh, this is making me want to whip out the photo albums. and by photo albums i mean shoe boxes of completely randomly un-organized pictures taken over the last 25 years all mangled together like fishing line or yarn or the extension cord after niall “puts it away.” 🙂

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