Psychedelic Thursday!

We have some sad sad people in our home today.  Brent had his wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday and he is NOT a happy camper.  He’s gone back to sleep right now, poor fella.

Isaac is fast asleep on the couch with his eyes wide open.  Creep.  He just went on a bit of a trip…I’ve never seen a child try to pet the animals in the movie before.  Especially when they’re like 5 feet away from them.  He was in his own cartoon land.


He had to get a cavity filled.

Kid these days have it so easy.  They get to take hallucinogens, eat candy, watch movies, snuggle up and sleep, go on a crazy trip and then eat a freezie when it’s time for a filling.  I just remember needles, drilling and a crappy fake ring after.  No fair.

He’s sleeping it all off now on the couch, thankfully, because if he wasn’t asleep he’d be trying to walk and the last time he tried to walk, he did a face-plant…but then didn’t care…I had taken my eyes off of him for two seconds and I think he was trying to pet the skunk on Over The Hedge.

I don’t like seeing my baby like that!!!

It really wasn’t cool.  I mean I did have a giggle when he was grabbing at invisible things and then said “ooo it’s blue!” but then I went right back to feeling sick about it.  He looked like he was on heroin or something.  Gross.

So now for my sleeping beauties, I’m doing what any loving mother/wife would do – make soup.  The soup is on.  Today it looks like some ham and lentil something-or-other.  I think it’s ham…might just be pork.  I dunno…I bought a 1/4 of a pig a while ago and I got all these misc. packages of odds and ends.  Wasn’t sure what to do with the pigs feet but Cleo is taking care of those for me one by one.

I feel bad, being the daughter of a hygienist, that my son got such an obvious cavity without me knowing.  I realized it was there the night before we went.  I was pretending to be the dentist to prepare them and when I looked in his mouth I was like “oh crap”.

Parenting Tip: Check your children’s mouths…often…

So another lesson learned.  I feel bad.

Anyway, Ikey as risen…back to being mommy.


  1. WHAT? YOU GAVE THE PIGS FEET TO CLEO! Leah – you make pickled pigs feet which are delicious. I have not fixed any for years. I do think that I will buy some the next time I go to the market.

    We had a wonderful trip. Gramps was very happy to let Ginny do most of the driving for two days. He had a good chance just to look.

    After leaving McGrath’s, we drove to Spokane and left Ginny with some of her
    family members for over night. We stayed in a motel. A lovely trip!l


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