Hello Summer Vacation!

Ahhh…school is out for summer.  My schedule just got WIDE open.  The children were sent home with all their school stuff that’s awkwardly placed here and there….what are you supposed to DO with it all anyway?  Goodness gracious.

So now we’re here.  Summer vacation.  It’s raining out and I’m semi dreading it.  At the end of last summer, Silas and I were very close to strangling each other.

Thing is…I don’t think summer vacation is good for kids with autism at all.  They start stimming more, their behaviors increase, etc.  We take them out of their routine and throw caution to the wind for 60 days.  Not so much fun.

I think my main thing is that I am going to have to keep them busy.  They go bonkers when they aren’t outside for long periods of time so that’s obviously on the agenda.  Looks like I’m going to have to have a plan each day.  I’m hoping to hire MANY more staff to work with Silas all summer so hopefully he will have that to do.  As long as he doesn’t eat them alive like he did with the last one…yikes.

Silas’ report card looks FANTASTIC.  Meeting or exceeding in all areas.  He also met all of the goals on his IEP report.

Silas is well aware of the classroom expectations.  He know when he needs to redo something if it isn’t his best effort as he is prone to rushing when he is asked to do tasks.  Mrs. ____ just looks at him and he responds with, “I know, I have to do it again, neatly.”

Way to go, Silas.  Just do it neatly the first time and then you won’t have to redo it!”

I’m still not too sure why they only have him as meeting expectations when it comes to math. Weird.  The criteria is much below his level, perhaps they just never gave him a chance to show them what he can do.  I DO remember his first meeting with his teacher and she said, “Silas, count as high as you can!” so he started…I finally interrupted and told her this could go on all day, he can just count…there’s no height too high.  That was back in the day when him and I would lay there and count to 1000 together.  You know, typical mom and four year old activities, right?

Even though I’m a bit bummed that school is out and that I have to entertain the brats all summer, I’m very happy that we had such a successful school year.  His teacher has been doing this for about 30 years and she does it with the enthusiasm of a first year teacher.  She loves her job and you can tell.  She was so amazing at implementing new ideas that I had.  I mentioned once that we should try to squish him in the beanbag chairs before gym class and she did it every single time from then on!  There were ZERO problems with her or his support workers.  It was amazing.  We are incredibly blessed.

It was pretty cute to watch them go up and get their Kindergarten certificates.  Every grade got a certificate today, I don’t remember doing that.  This school REALLY likes a long assembly…holy.  But afterward, Silas’ big buddy (the grade 7’s go to the K class and are each assigned a buddy for the whole year) gave him a present.  It was incredibly sweet! (His buddy also won pretty much every award there was to win at the school….I’m pretty sure that’s why they gave him Silas as his buddy ha ha).

I’m pretty sure his mom didn’t have a good look at the thing, though, when she bought it.  I mean…this really isn’t hard to miss…

*cough cough*  ya I totally uploaded it to Failblog.  Like…c’mon.  If you don’t see it…I’m not ‘splainin it to you cuz…wow.  Trigger placement Fail.

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