Publish?? Me???

Long long ago this company contacted me about putting a photo of mine and a quote of mine into a book.  They’re part of this website called and it’s hard to explain so just go there and browse around and see.

Recently I heard back from them about it and they told me which photo and quote they wanted to use.

They wanted this photo from A Lesson In Perspective

With this quote: “I strive to lose weight because I do think I’ll look better, I’ll look healthier, I’ll be able to dress myself better and I’ll feel better about myself.”

Which sounds bad unless you finish the paragraph “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better as long as you’re being realistic. As long as you’re doing it for your health and happiness, not because you’re obsessed with looking like something you can’t obtain.”

Anyway, today I told them I simply could not allow them to use it in their book, it’s an ugly freaking photo and it’s a quote that is out of context with the rest of that post.

They responded that they understand but then came back and said they could use the other photo from my blog.

Granted, it is a much prettier photo of me…but I still disslike that quote a little.  They aren’t linking to the blog, they’re just giving my name in the back of the book.

Having something published is very exciting but I don’t easily sell out.  Does that quote make me sound bad?  Perhaps skim the other post again and tell me opinions.  I’m kinda desperate to know what people think.  It’s a pretty photo I think, and Ikey is cute…but hmmmm.  They did take away half the reason of not wanting to be in the book.



  1. It’s not the worse quote in the world. Paired together with that other picture, it seemed worse. It’s not the best quote in the world either, it doesn’t represent the totality of who you are. But that’s not what the “I feel” project is about. It’s about capturing people’s feelings at that moment. I bet that every quote in the book is out of context.

    And when you sign copies of it for your fans, you can slip a printout of the whole post into your page 🙂

  2. They asked me to publish too. I said yes. They are just putting a cute picture of Emily in it and I get a free copy, so I said sure. I think there is a blog link somewhere in it for me too. I wouldn’t have said yes to being taken out of context tho.nope nope.

  3. but cootie, you need to tell me if I should say yes. They aren’t doing blog links btw, just your name in the back of the book and I’m sure there’s a quote they’d be doing as well. Have you signed your papers and sent them in?

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