Pulling Out My Hair

Today is one of those pull-you-hair-out sort of days.  It began with both children waking at 7am, bright eyed a bushy tailed.  Silas was screaming in his room while I tried to nurse Ikey in hopes that he’d go back to sleep.  He didn’t he just pooped.  Silas threw a tantrum because he wasn’t getting his blueberries fast enough and ran around the house screaming bloody murder.  Ikey didn’t eat anything because he was much too tired and cranky from waking up at 7am.  Silas ate both bowls of oatmeal himself.

I made myself two pieces of toast and while I was talking to my mom on the phone, both were snatched from under me and consumed by a wild and apparently still hungry toddler.  I made two more and was able to consume about 1 piece myself, but it had been licked in attempts to get the honey off of it.  By that time I was too hungry to care about child slobber on my toast.

Nothing too nutty but it’s just been go go go go all morning.  Withing a minute I pulled cotton balls out of Ikey’s mouth, rescued him from the stairs and stopped him from eating other bits from my floor.  Time to Vacuum I think.

Now Ike is in an early nap because he wasn’t coping with his fatigue and the whole day is messed up.  Ha ha.  But I did manage to talk my mom’s ear off that entire time because she is FINALLY not busy.  Wooot.

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