Baby Silas

I’ve recently been looking through old photographs.  I realized that none of you have seen Silas as a baby because I started this when he was 14 months.  So I thought I’ve give you some visual stimulation to tantalize your taste buds 🙂  The most delicious kind of photo Friday.  Meet baby Silas.

we used to wrap his blanket up around him like this so he wouldn’t loose his sucky while he slept.  Ha ha.  He was also swaddled up tight under there

Some daddy love as a newborn

I love photos of babies in pumkins

This is my utmost favorite photo of my little darling.  Oh my oh my oh my.

He loved to read books even at a very young age.  He was looking through books before he was crawling.

Christmas 06.

In Red Robin.  Dangit he was a cutie…still is 🙂


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