Yesterday was one of those days that make you wish every day was like that.  By the ghastly smell of my garlic breath, that I can even smell myself, you’d know I had a good time.  Oh dear…I smell poop…I’ll get back to you in a moment….

…..k that was foul.  Anyway,  in the morning we took the boys to the pool.  We tried a different pool this time and it’s WAY better than the one we had gone to before.  Anyway, all of us were there including Brent’s parents and Colin and Leanne.  Even Yvonne who comments on here sometimes :).  The kids had so much fun.  I couldn’t believe how content Isaac was the entire time.

I took Silas down the water slide and he didn’t want to go back on but he didn’t hate it.  He was really excited to go down but I think going so fast down a weird blue tube might be a little odd for someone like him.  We talked him into one more round and he went with Daddy.  I took Ikey down once with me too…he just looked around in awe.

Once that was all done the in laws got everyone Wendy’s and we all had lunch here and then put the boys to nap time.  Roselle and I were kinda bored so we went to a nursery and got plants to put into my pots.  It was so stinking exciting I almost peed a little.  We did all of my pots and because I went a tidbit nutty we had extra that we just put in my front bed until I had a better use of them.  The front of my house is definitely spruced up a bit.

Then arrived the sand and water table that Jill had bought my kids for a housewarming present.  Silas and Ikey helped Juliet and I build it (Jules delivered it) and then we filled it up and they pretty much flipped out.  Ikey was soaked within a few second and he was shaking he was so excited.  Silas began dumping all of the sand into the water side but I was ok with it because Jill gave me a pep talk about how the kids SHOULD mix it and it’s good for them.  So, trusting the ECE teacher I let it happen.  Both of the boys are so in love with that thing already.  And they’ve both ingested the sand and water and the sandy water.  Lets hope it’s ok :).

But no, the fun didn’t end there.  We got ready for a supper with Brent’s family.  I made a ganache and just put it into a graham cracker crust.  Man, that is the most simple decadent dessert in the world.  It’s to die for.  And then I made a baked brie with roasted garlic and also some baked goat cheese.  The family brought booze and appetizers and dips and chips and other yummies.  We put Lucas to bed here and we all just ate and drank and talked for hours and hours.  It was lovely.  And my ganache was like…holy cow.  Yum yum yum.

Anyway, I eventually got to bed at like 12:30 and then the day was over and the next thing I knew I was rescuing Isaac from his nasty poo spill over this morning while Silas was screaming at me from his bed.  Back to reality.

my pansy pot

my random pot.

my pink pot

my white and red pot.  It’s two different kinds of impatience and some white bacopa

The leftovers.  Pretty pretty pretty.

Working the screw driver.  Look at that luscious grass we put in!!

The first thing he did was sit in it.

fun fun fun

lets just have a sip

this boy was SOAKED!!

Ikey’s look is cuz his just drank a big gulp of water from that cup ha ha.

“Thanks Auntie Jill!”


  1. hi. sorry for the random comment. I was wondering how you got the “What I’m reading” along the side of your page…specifically with the book pic/link to amazon. Is that a widget. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that on my site since I transferred over to wordpress

  2. Yes it’s a widget. I just put in a text widget and then added my code. Also you might wanna go into “users” and then click on your name and there’s a place where you put your blog html in and then your name will always be linked to your blog to promote traffic. Let me know if you need the code for the widget. You have to get your own photo off the net.

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