Ikey Ikey Ikey…and some gardening stuff :)

We’re on the countdown until Isaac gets to one year. I can’t believe we’re so close!! He’s changing very quickly now. He’s just cut 3 teeth, all in the wrong order just like Silas. Not AS wonky…but close. I swear that comes from his Dad’s side because Lucas did the same thing. But poor baby, they just keep poking through. He’s handling it better than when the first two came in at the same time and he slept all day long. Although, I must admit, it’d be nice if he slept all day long :).

You all know the little booger is starting to take some steps. He really blew us away yesterday and we were all playing out in the back yard with Lucas and Isaac just started walking all around the yard. He did it a few times. He was just like “I’m walking now”. It didn’t continue throughout the day but it was funny to see. If he were more determined to walk he’d be pretty good at it already. He’s pretty happy to still crawl though. He’s doing better with walking back and forth between Brent and I but it’s hard to do because Silas always wants in on the action.

So yesterday Brent came home early to say goodbye to his parents and have lunch with all of us. Once everyone was gone and the kids were in bed I set back out to the nursery to buy MORE things. I went to a different place this time and it’s so much cheaper and way better organized. The first one I went to is crazy but they have loads of exotic plants in there. Anyway, I bought these two pots that have a groove in the bottom so they can sit right on your fence or your railings. So cool. I filled them both with loads of trailing plants in white, blue, orange, black and red. I also stuck a bright orange New Guinea impatience in both and then a white Osterospermum in both too, just for some high pretties. I’m very excited about the black sweet potato vines I put in them. I think it’ll add some funky funky fresh. K I have to go take a photo for you…

(kinda blurry…sorry)

I can’t wait until they fill in and get really long and delicious. I also did three hanging fuchsia pots. One is oranges and yellows, one is pinks and one is reds and a bit of white. Those are very small still so not worth taking a photo of. Once they get bigger and loverly I’ll take picts. I hope all the colors look good, sometimes kinda hard to tell when they’re not blooming.

Gardening is such therapy for me. Every step of the way. Going to the nursery is like sending me to Disneyland. Then getting my hands in the dirt and planting everything, putting everything just where I want it. Then watching it all grow, caring for it and weeding it. I also love blogging about it and then sitting back and staring at all my beautiful plants for hours and hours. Then I get to take pictures and blog about it. Oh my oh my oh my. Plants are the best ever.

That’s all….

…oh and grumps, your birthday money paid for the plants in those pots. NOT the tattoo I’m getting in 9 days :). Jill…your money bought the pots 🙂

whoa…who’s that with the mullet?

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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous of your plants! Everything here is on it’s way to a slow, HOT death. It’s been up in the 90s F (30s C) several days the past two weeks. My lobelia are drying up. My snapdragons snapped their last snaps. I used to LOVE summer flowers in BC. I’m so jealous.

    I got four beautiful huge pots for my birthday and I haven’t planted in them yet. I need to go have some nursery therapy and the cleansing feel of dirt under my fingernails.

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