Report is DONE!

Sooooooooo, Silas’ report is all ready.  We have an appointment out that way on Friday so I’ll pick it up then.  Don’t worry, I’ll write down on here every single thing that the guy wrote so you can see.  I’m very excited to see what he said also.

Silas is just, oh my goodness, out of control.  He’s like two hormonal 13 year olds rolled into one, he just doesn’t know how to swear at me or tell me he hates me…but he would if he could.

I can’t wait until he’s helped.  I hate seeing his frustration, his need to hit something.  I don’t know what to do.  I admit, I’m breaking the cardinal rule and just giving in to avoid a disaster, but I know it’s making it worse…I know I know I know.  GRRR.

If anyone has suggestions, throw them at me.  I don’t see how I can improve things with him until we have a therapist here.  I dunno what else to do.

The other day Silas and I played this game where he sat on my lap and I’d lower him backward which he thinks is fun but then I’d bring him up and squeeze him really tightly.  That deep pressure really calmed him for a few hours.  But he doesn’t always want to play it.  I’m wondering if a weighted blanket at night would give him enough deep pressure to last him most of the day.  Who knows.  I have a feeling weighted things are going to be good for us though.

Anyway, off to do other things.  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. SWIMMING!!! All the pressure from the water is great for sensory kids and the energy they burn is wonderful for nap/bed time!

    It’s a hassle getting there and getting ready, but the benefits are FABULOUS!!!!!

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