Beeaauutiifuul Day

It’s just been too nice here this winter.  The sunniest winter I’ve seen since moving here.  I’m so relieved.  It’s definitely helped the mood.

Recently I realized that I could take the boys for a walk, without any tantrums if I stuck Isaac in the MEC backpack (which, I might add, is the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever ever ever worn) and Silas in the stroller.  I do get a few strange looks, people ask why I don’t have a double stroller, some say I look like my hands are full.  I do have a double stroller, it just doesn’t work for us.  This works and it works well.  Plus the added fatso on my back makes for a good workout.  PLUS he can lean around and give me kisses which, well, *sigh*.

So today I call up Leanne and ask if she would want to meet us in the park by her house for lunch.  She actually didn’t have anything planned (weird) and we set out on our journey towards the park.  We never go to this one because there’s one closer to my house but I’m thinking we’re going to swtich because at the one close to Leanne’s…well…I’m not scared of my kids getting stabbed by drug paraphernalia.

The kids had a glorious time playing.  We lunched in the baseball field and the kids ran all over doing things, serious kid business.  Leanne and I kinda pigged out (k maybe just me) on our picnic spread and talked about the good old days where autism was just a question at the back of our minds and how we used to daydream about our kids playing together just as they are now.

The event came to a close and we happily strolled back home just in time for nap.

All in all: perfect day.


  1. That’s a long walk you had to the park. You painted a fine picture for me of the boys playing. So glad the weather’s been good there….a picnic here now would look quite different.

  2. Sooo glad you could get out a do something fun and relaxing! A stroll always helps me to clear my head a bit, and the fresh air is priceless. Glad you had a good day 🙂

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