Scattered Today

Wow, what a good weekend I just had.  Yesterday we (Juliet, Brent and I) put the kids in carriers and went to the park for a nice hike.  We have this great place to walk around here.  Jules and I walked it Saturday too.  Lemme just say, it’s extra had with a 22 pound fatso strapped to your tummy.  Holy cow!

I also got our car cleaned out.  It’s almost ready to go up for sale so I can get my dream car, a minivan.  Going to Wash World is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s a car washing wonderland, truly amazing.   I washed and shampooed the car there.  Now it actually smells clean.  It was interested to get beneath the layers of garbage and actually see the floor.  There were many crusty bits of chicken nuggets below Silas’ car seat.  Also many forgotten cups and fries and toys.  I’m a bad car-keeper.  It’s pretty now.  Hopefully someone will want to buy it up!

I’m so incredibly scattered right now that I’m really have a lot of trouble writing this blog.  I have a million things on my mind.  Money and how to make more money.  Leanne and I have a great idea.  Her and I are perfectly suited to be wedding performers ( Hey Wedding Singer…AAWOOOOOOO).  We have a combined experience of over 30 years in our craft and can do many different genres.  This might just be what helps me get out of debt.  I NEED to get performing again.  I’m totally confident in my ability to sing at things like that and I think we’ll go for it.  Know anyone who needs wedding musicians?  We can also provide our husbands which can provide us with some guitar and 2 more harmonies if needed.  Mom, you’re giddy with the idea aren’t you?

I’m also going to start selling my photography, or at least trying to.  I’m working on opening a shop online.  I don’t think I’m a confident enough photographer to do like weddings.  I could do family and baby portraits but perhaps not weddings.  Scary.  But I am confident enough to sell art so I’m going to start.  I already have a collection of things I can put up and there’s this website that does all of the printing and packaging for you…all I have to do is set up shop.  So I hope it works out.  Go buy some of my photography!

Anyway…here’s some of my husband’s “photography” from this weekend.


like my pants?? ha ha ha…short?


watching the water




kinda cool photo…I “verbally” composed it.


Silas was VERY happy to play with this doggie named Jack




  1. I think that you take excellent photographs! And I bet you would get a lot of business with your online store.
    I would love to get some family photos and pictures of Naomi taken in the next few weeks. I would love to be your first customer (provided that we live in the same town, or at least not to far away) How much would you charge? Please let me know!

  2. What a concept; doing what you love and have a natural knack for…clever girl. I will pay you 1 million dollars to get Niall to smile in a picture 🙂

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