Last night Brent and I had our Valentines date.  We did it a day late just because I didn’t feel like dealing with busy restaurants.  It’s better this way.  Anyway, we went to this local place and had a really fantastic waitress, she was hilarious.  We got some stuff mushroom caps for a starter and then I had a steak neptune and Brent had a steak with mushrooms.  It was incredible.

We ate slowly, savoring a supper without crying children.  As slowly as we ate, we still had another hour to kill before we had to be home.  Brent glanced out the window and noticed the bowling ally across the road.  We asked the crazy waitress if it was actually nice in there and she said it was fantastic so off we went!!  I was kinda wary of my bowling skills because I hadn’t picked up a bowling ball since grade 12 gym class.

We got there and it was glow bowl night!  My fancy shirt lit up under the black lights and I suddenly became the bowling diva.  I must say, I’m more of a fabulous bowler than one might assume.  I was even singing loudly to the 50’s music and busting out a few dance moves I have up my sleeve.  I got loads of strikes, I almost a turkey but the prospect of the turkey psyched me out.  We had played three games, I won two lost one, we had to call Jennie to see if we were allowed to get one more game in and she was gracious.  Brent won.  We left the place hyper and surprised at how sweaty we were from bowling.

Brent and I had way too much fun bowling.  We don’t have enough fun like that together.  It was crazy fun.  We don’t care if we win or lose, Brent’s just proud that his wife doesn’t look like a total fool when playing sports.  We just goofed around and came up with funny victory dances for whenever we got a strike.  When you have a few cocktails in you, the victory dances can get rather flamboyant!

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do tonight, go bowling, it’s really more fun that I remembered it to be!  That was the best Valentines Date date ever!


  1. I’m not sure I understand all the “borrowing” on blogs…..

    Bowling sounded so fun. And what a nice sister you have.

    I went ONCE to a black light deal…. I was wearing a thin dress but my white bra shon through like a becon of light. Jennie was there… it was in Cabo.

  2. Sounds awesome! We bowled for the first time in years for my son’s birthday party. Had only a few kids so we got in on the action. Of course we spent the entire 2 hours passing baby back and forth but it was still awesome! We can’t wait to go back again. And next time I wouldn’t mind sipping a little something. 🙂 I’ll bowl better then – I won’t be embarrassed to suck so I won’t care! hehe

  3. Linda, I don’t get it either but they cited me so I guess they’re allowed to. Awfully weird. I’ll ask Jen about your bright bra!

    RMB – definitely get down a few drinks before you go next time. Then you can dance to the 50’s music in front of strangers like I did.

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