Seven Things I Love About My Seven Year Old

I have a Seven year old! A gorgeous, intelligent, funny 7-year-old.  What freaks me out, is that he’s over half way to being a teenager….that’s frightening.  Today is his birthday so I thought I should come up with 7 things that I love about him…even though I love everything about him.

This little Silas, where should I begin.  I love him so much.

  1. I love how proper he is.  He will use more complicated terminology to describe something as properly as he can.  If you tell him a rule, and that it’s important, he will follow it to a T.  He is polite and a complete gentleman in the making.  I have a feeling I’m going to one day start asking him to define the big word’s he’s using but for now…my 7 year old is at least at my level…vocabulary-wise.
  2. I love how affectionate he is.  He obviously gets it from me because I would snuggle all day if I could.  His body just molds to mine and his skin is so thick and soft and rich and beautiful and perfect.  He’s always warm and he always smells like Silas.  He is always up for a hug and a kiss.  His body is so much bigger now but it just feels like more to snuggle.
  3. I looooove the way he giggles when he thinks of something funny.  I just need to capture it on video because…I can’t describe how adorable it is.
  4. I love his interests.  They’re always so….interesting.  It’s easy to get into what he’s into because he’s so passionate about it.  Plus it’s sometimes a total adult thing so that makes it even easier.
  5. I love his sense of humour, he loves to make people laugh and it’s his sense of humour that can bring him out of a really bad mood.  You just have to make the kiddo laugh and he’s golden.  He will come up with some pretty funny stuff and because I’m his mom, I’ll think he’s hilarious.
  6. How can I not love how intelligent he is?  Smartest person I know and he’s only 7.  Him and my mathy mathy sister have these times table wars where they try to stump each other.  I just don’t get involved…math what???
  7. He gives me new fun facts every day.  Usually at bed time I hear some fact about a planet or something science oriented.  I love it.  Keep the facts coming baby!!

The day he was born (kinda obvs…)

Seven years old!



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