I Need Your Fashion Advice

Does this look cool?

OK.  I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I have a piercing on my face that I often don’t even think about.  A lot of people, after knowing me for a few months will sometimes say “OMG you got a piercing” to which I am startled because even I forget I have it, and then I reply “I’ve had this for like…10 years”.

I got this hole in my face when I was still a teenager.  I was dating my husband and we had just gotten back from touring with our choir in Germany.  We were about to hit the highway to Manitoba for my first visit to his parents house when I had someone do this to me.  It was very painful but also awesome.

Now 10 years have passed and since I don’t really notice piercings on other people, and I forget I even have mine…well, I have no clue if it’s cool anymore.  Lots of people have lips pierced but now it seems my placement is off…or old fashioned?  I just don’t KNOW!!!  I remember being worried as a teenager that I wouldn’t remain cool.

Actual footage of me as a teenager telling my children to make sure I remain in my state of cool.

And now I’m confused!!

I’m worried that if I take it out, I’ll have this ugly scar on my face but then is an ugly scar better than looking like one of those people who are still stuck in the last decade?

There are pros and cons to this thing.  The cons are that it’s caused my gums to recede and it makes my mom angry when she cleans my teeth.  I also have to take it out when eating soft juicy fruits like pear…it’ll get pulled out.  I also learned I need to take it out when consuming sushi, it got pulled through and I bit it and chipped a tooth…that’s 17 chipped teeth I now have…in case you wanted to count.

But the pros are pretty awesome.  I can squirt water through the hole.  There’s always a fun game of “wtf is that thing in your face” game that I can play with babies.  They poke it and I suck it in my mouth and so it’s missing and they’re all like WTF? and then I open my mouth and they see it in there and try to grab it and then I poke it back through and they think I’m magic.  It also grosses adults out that I can make it vanish into my mouth and I enjoy grossing people out.  It making me look badass would probably be a pro if I knew it actually made me look more badass than ignorant.

So tell me.  Do I look awesome or unaware?


Does this look cool?

That’s my “I’m not sure” face.


  1. Well Leah, too tell you the truth, it wasn’t the first thing I noticed about you 🙂 Personally I like it, but you know me, I like piercings since my nose is pierced LOL. You are a beautiful person inside and out and if you like it who really cares what anyone else thinks!!!! JMHO <3

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