Silas’ Autism Supplements

That’s an old photo, but it gives you an idea.  This is what Silas gobbles down every single day to put his body and his brain in the optimal place for him to be successful.  I don’t think they’ll get rid of his autism but they help heal his brain and his body so he can learn as much as he can.

Here’s our supplement list:

Inno-Vite  Inno-Cal-Mag complex liquid softgels

Progressive Multivitamins for Kids

Genuine Health 0mega extra strength

Udo’s Choice Children’s Blend Probiotic

Sisu Co Q10

Jamieson Melatonin (God send)

Sisu Vinpocetine

Annnnnd sometimes when we’re brave enough we shoot him in the bum with b12 shots but man he hates it and it’s super hard for us to do.  He’s got one tender bum bum.

Vinpocetine is a relatively new supplement out there.  Dr. Oz talked about it on his show a few weeks ago and I was like THAT IS PERFECT!  It’s one of the only supplements that crosses the blood-brain barrier.  It brings more blood and oxygen to the brain.  It’s starting to be used as a super effective prevention for Alzheimer’s and has proven effective in many double-blind studies.  It’s supposed to help with brain fog as well.  But what CAN’T it help with?  It’s bringing more blood and oxygen to the brain which means it’s bringing more HEALING to the brain.

Once I heard about it on the show I googled it paired with autism and, yes, it is recommended for people with autism.  It takes about 7 days to take effect and it’s only $14 for 90 of them which I give him one a day.  An adult is supposed to take 3 a day.  So it would only be like $14 a month for an adult to take them.  A pretty cheap thing for what it does.  I’m very excited about this.  Especially when the amount of supplements I have for him in my house are worth about $200.  BUT, I have them all staggered so I hardly ever run out of more than one at the same time so it’s easy to keep them up on our budget.  And it’s not $200 a month…a lot of these last us longer than a month cuz I buy the big big ones.

I can’t tell you exactly what all of these supplements do.  The probiotics obviously keep his digestive system healthy, they cured his ear infections and his eczema.  The omegas are a big deal, every kid needs them.  Your brain is composed mainly of omega fatty acids.  Dr Amen did many studies on the effects of omegas and, with his brain scan work, proved that people’s brains can heal AND get larger with regular supplementation.

The Melatonin is to help him get to sleep, it’s been REALLY great for us.  The Cal-mag is the best form of calcium, it also has zinc which is important for immune function and it also gets rid of copper in the body.  It’s also full of vitamin D and we all know what that’s for.  He doesn’t eat milk products so this is how he gets his calcium.  There are so many benefits of taking a liquid form of calcium that I just cannot even say.  It’s super important, I should be taking them too.  They can also help kids with autism get better sleeps.  We give them to him at night.

The multivitamins aren’t just like the ones you get that are shaped like Flintstones.  Progressive is a super high quality vitamin.  It does have some DHA and stuff in it but not a ton, it also has herbal extracts, green foods and fruit concentrates.

I’m so lucky Silas just swallows this stuff.  What 5-year-old can down those massive horse pills without water and gagging?  I can’t down them like he does, I totally gag.  We’re so blessed by that because we will NOT take the liquid form of these things.  I’ve tried.  Plus using fish oils and hiding them in things….just makes for stinky living.  I don’t care if it says no fishy smell, if a little bit gets on the counter and then you wipe it up and wash the cloth you used…the ENTIRE load smells like fish.

So that’s what we are doing so far.  More will be added, next I am adding something that helps the body with chelation.  It’s called Zinc Carno-E and they advertise especially for autism.  I need to go check out their website and see if it’s really for us but it sounds really fantastic.

So that’s our list thus far.  I’m sure it will grow and change over the course of time.

What supplements are you using with your kids?  Am I missing something really important with what I’m doing?

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