Got Wood?

I am trying to write through the fog of the crazy cough syrup I took last night.  A few years back I went to a walk in because I had my third bad cough in a row and I was so fed up.  The wacky doctor gave me this gigantic bottle-o-syrup that’s lasted me this far.  He told me just to keep it in my fridge and it’ll never go bad.  This stuff packs a powerful punch and knocks me right out after giving me happy feelings like rainbows and butterflies do.  This morning I’m zonked, though.  I could sleep more now I think.  But I had a fantastic sleep last night…wow.  I’m sad that I only have half a dose left.  I wonder if I could talk my GP into giving me another bottle of that delicious fairy juice….I’ll use the angle that when I cough too much I get these CRAZY painful muscle spasms that feel like death and dying.

Last time I had one of those puppies I was pacing the floor taking DEEEEEP breaths, longing for some painkiller to make it all go away.  I almost sent my husband down to a neighbour who always had a good, solid amount of Percocet on hand.  My mommy talked me out of that one.  She talked me about of the pain too.  I can conquer those spasms with mass amounts of deep breathing.  But women, lemme tell you this: they hurt just as bad as being 9 cms dilated.  Yup.  I once went to the hospital with them and the nurse told me to stop screaming.  She was being dramatic but still…it was a heavy whimper.  They suck.  Wow what a rabbit trail that was.  Back on course.

Sooooooooooo.  I don’t think I really had a course.

Ummmmm.  Last night we went to our friend’s house, Brad and Kristy.  They just moved MUCH closer to us and we were incredibly stoked about this.  Yesterday evening we made our way over there for supper, let our kids play together and then attempted to put our kids to bed at their house so we could enjoy a rousing game of Cities and Knights of Catan.  Annnnndddd……IT WORKED!  * happy dance *.  The children played so nicely together and went down easily.  We may or may not have drugged them with melatonin but we needed an advantage with this one.  We proceeded to geek out with our game, Kristy kicked all our butts and I came in last.  We all laughed every time someone asked us if we have wood as if we were children.  How is it always funny?

If any of you haven’t heard of or played Settlers of Catan or any Catan game….you must.  It’s a teeny bit nerdy but oh so fun.  It’s kinda like Risk but more complicated.  I bought it for my nephew for his 13th birthday and I think I got everyone addicted to it.  🙂  I used to play that game with Brad back in the day when we went to College.  Asking for wood was just as funny then.

Anyway, I guess I’m done rambling.  Tootles.



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