Trouble at School

Silas is having a bit of trouble with a boy at school.  I’m worried.

This boy has been through a lot.  I can’t really disclose anything else other than the past year has been a rough road for him.  Him and Silas seem to get on each other’s nerves quite a bit.

Maybe Silas sees him as an easy target, maybe they’re both just agitated and easily bother each other but this is getting to a point where I feel a need to step in.  When Silas pushes this boy, he is DEEPLY effected.  One push can ruin his entire day.  This bothers me to no degree.  I don’t want him having a bad night because my son pushed him.

His mom and I are both on board to do whatever it takes.  I’m going to look into how to help them bond more and try to get some play-dates going.

I’m lucky with the school I picked for my boys.  There’s no bus service.  I stand there with most of the moms and some caregivers every single day while we drop off and pick up our kids.  I’ve never been in a school situation where my mom really got to KNOW the other parents.  We hang out and we chat.  I have a feeling we’re all going to get rather close.  This is so good for Silas because they understand me and him and can help their children keep an open mind about him.

I’m going to write a letter to his teacher stating that Silas needs closer supervision when he is around this boy.  He’s got an aid for goodness sakes, he shouldn’t be able to get his hands on ANYONE.  Where is his aid when this happens?  I mean I fully hold my son responsible for his actions.  As much as he cannot help it, he also needs to have the same expectations as a typical child in that area.

Ooooo a lady bug just landed near me…I love it when that happens…..

I’m just hurt for this boy.  He’s on wait-lists for help but wait lists do nothing for him right now.  I’m going to bring him up at our next team meeting and see if we can’t get some supported play-dates going on between him and Silas.  Perhaps some social stories to go a long with it all.  OOOOO I want to write the boy a social story right now!!!  Too bad I’m in Starbucks with no paper.  I’ll make him one tonight.  I also think I might lend his mommy a few books to enjoy.  I have a feeling we might have an introverted spirited child in there waiting to blossom.

Speaking of such….which isn’t really speaking of such but more going off on a new rant.  I’m thinking of going back to school to eventually be able to work in child psychology.  I want to work with families in all areas.  I want to help them with difficult behaviors, I want to help children through trauma.  I want to work with children of all abilities and help the whole family as a unit by giving them the tools to cope, deal, handle whatever problem they are having.

I also wanna make some good, solid cashola.  Ha ha.

Anyway, I wish I could take this boy in to my home and observe him and see if I can’t help him with the root of his issues.  Him and I have a lot in common.  I’ve been through some of what he has been through.  I feel that I might be able to help him and his mom cope with the situation.  I also think Silas’ trusty therapist, Kim, can get those two boys bonding and liking each other.  She just doesn’t know that yet.

Well…12 more minutes before I leave the cozy confines of this Starbucks.  My luke-warm Sumatra blend in hand.

Have you had trouble like this with your kids at school?  Have any comments?  Please leave them because it makes me feel warm and loved and happy.  Even if it’s a quick hi.  ALSO, please please please “like”  The Informal Matriarch on Facebook.  You can find a link in the right hand side of this page.  Over yonder ——–>



  1. Your compassion comes through your writing. Good for you to try and find positive ways of solving difficult issues.

    hugs for sharing your insights…and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog…hugmamma

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