Becky Takes a Stand

I don’t know how many of you have been bullied.  I sure have.  Grade 7 was the worst.  Kids would walk behind me whispering “ducky” because I walked with my feet pointed outwards.  I had to stay up all night at grade 7 camp because I found out someone was planning on putting gum in my hair that night.  People twisted my words and made everyone think I was a liar.  I was MISERABLE.  Toothpaste in my hair at sleep-overs, whispers behind my back, rumours and lies.

I actually took my own chances to be a bully to other people that year.  It actually only happened once and who it happened to later became my best friend.  I still feel guilty to this day.  She loves me anyway.  I wish we had found each other that year because we were equally bullied.

School was never easy for me.  Being the “popular” girl came with just as much abuse.  Kids can be so mean, but I wasn’t innocent either.

I can STILL feel the pain from those times.  I was indeed socially awkward and I still inside but I put up a good front.  People think I’m a snob for not making eye contact but….it’s just hard for me.  Eye contact is SO intense, especially when the conversation gets beyond small talk.  I’m working on it.

Moving on, adorable Becky (Lauren Potter) from my favourite show, Glee has joined a campaign to end bullying.  Having Down Syndrome, she has had her share of hard times with bullies.  Her beautiful words on the subject, as well as links to the campaign can be found here.

I worry about my own child.  He’s showing his true colours at school more now.  Yesterday he ran down the hall, screaming his face off because he was at the end of the line.  The more those behaviors come out, the more the kids are going to realize he is different.  The more times they have to listen to him repeating himself about his topics of interest, the more bored they will get of him.

Luckily the parents are understanding.  I’ve started to tell them about him and how special he really is.  All of them have been warm and wonderful about it.  One mom was excited about it because she teachers her daughter about how differences are all ok.  I hope the parents will stay on board with me, educating their children and working with me to help them all respect each other.

I’m so proud of Lauren for standing up for herself.  Her article is definitely worth a read.  You don’t have to start a big campaign but you can start one inside yourself.  Open up yourself to see the beauty in everyone, to realize that differences are ok.  Be an example to the people around you, to your children, to your family.  Don’t point out the differences in people, just point out the good.  Lets end this terrible cycle and keep our children’s bodies and minds safe!!


This video is hard to watch, it shows the brutality of what happens to kids but it also shows the bully getting totally owned.  It’s graphic and I feel very bad for everyone.  Behavior is communication, the bully is obviously going through something really hard inside of himself.


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