My lips are stained orange from my carrot, beet, lemon juice that I drank while I was shopping in the organic market today.  I didn’t notice until I left, they were very obviously orange.  Next time…straw.  While at the market I found myself searching for protein options, vegetarian burgers, etc.

Just under a year ago I drastically reduced the amount of meat I ate.  You rarely find it served in my home.

The reason?  I watched a crazy documentary called Food Inc. and it changed, even more, the way I view the food industry.  I know these documentaries are biased and they show us the worst.  I know there’s amazing people out there who treat their animals like gold and they’re the only people I purchase meat from.  But I also let myself watch this, it’s called 30 Reasons To Become a Vegetarian put on by Pita.  I encourage you to watch it.  I don’t agree with everything they say…

The part that hit me SO hard what when they said “because animal don’t want to die”.  It’s true.  Animals will fight for their families and their own lives.

It struck a note in me, a big note.  By not eating meat, I’m also craving it less.  I don’t think I will every be vegetarian, seafood is just….there’s no justification for eating seafood but it’s just my very favourite and it makes my body feel good.  I guess it’s easy not to feel sorry for a clam or a shrimp.

Animals don’t want to die.


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Then I got to thinking, why do human’s think they have any right to take the life of an animal anyway?  Why do we get to be boss?  Why do we get to practically factory manufacture animals for one purpose only and don’t even give them the dignity to even ever see the light of day?  That chicken from the grocery store, it’s never seen the light of day.

But….I’m still “ish” about the whole idea.  I was always a hearty meat-eater.  I always have loved a good chunk of meat.  I love a good steak, really rare.  Hamburgers and pizza, all so delicious.

As Americans we don’t feel quite right if we don’t have some meat at every meal.  It feels wrong.  Dinner must be hot and fleshy.  What if we all ate one vegetarian meal a week?  A day?  A month?  How would that impact the planet?  Water consumption?  heart disease? Air quality?  There’s more to being a vegetarian than feeling sorry for the animals.  It’s cheaper, it’s greener and if you are still getting the protein you need, it’s healthier too.

I can’t stand the smell of cooking hamburger anymore.  It’s just been so long since I’ve had it.  I won’t buy it from the grocery store because the reason you have to cook it ALL the way is because of ecoli.  Where does ecoli come from??  Poop.

There’s poo in your hamburger.  No joking.  Unless, of course, you’re purchasing it direct from the nice farmer down the street but not everyone has access to that.  Isn’t it sad that not everyone has access to poo free hamburger?

I could go on and on and on and on.  But, if you’re interested, just go find out for yourself.

I think, as time goes on, I will become less and less attracted to meat.  I’ll eat it if it’s served to me and I’ll probably enjoy it.  I’ll bring my own options if I don’t want to eat their meat.  I don’t want to be a pest about it but my family and I feel right about how we are doing things.  We are happy without meat.  We love farm fresh eggs and beans and humus and quinoa and hemp hearts and all the other wonderful sources of protein.

What do you think about meat and killing animals because you just can’t get enough hamburgers?



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