Singin Jazz

doot skeetle deet deet doot.

Betcha didn’t know that I have a love for singing jazz.  I love it because you can be free and creative when singing a jazz song.  I love it because it’s a challenge to sing and I need to use all that training I have.  Jazz makes me wiggle, it makes me feet tap, it gives me shivers.  I love it.

I first started singing Jazz in highschool.  I was so used to classical training that it was REALLY hard to let go and sing the song different than what the sheet music said.  I joined a jazz choir in grade 12 and that’s when I really began to fall in love with singing Jazz.

So, when searching the interwebs I happened upon this cool site where you have your own page but you can also go live on it and sing for other people and chat all on your webcams.  That’s where I met Steveeo.

Steveeo is this REALLY great Jazz guitarist.  He’s also a very great singer.  He heard me singing one day and for some reason saw some potential.  So we’ve been doing some recording together.  He aparently taken me in as his lil “project” and wow, it’s fun.  And it feels good to have someone who believes in me that much.  It’s pretty neato.

Anyway, it’s a tad complicated to record with a person when one lives in the Chicago area and the other lives in the Vancouver area.  It’s a lot of sending things back and forth but it’s worth it.  So much fun.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to sing a little Christmas song to a guitar track he sent me.  We’ll be working on a Christmas CD for next Christmas and right now we’re figuring out which non Christmas songs to do as well and I’m practicing a lot to get my voice back into shape.

I thought I’d share the song with you.  Don’t make fun of my facial expressions.  They weird me out too lol.  I just get so into it ha ha.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


  1. Leah – love Jazz. Way to go. Did you ever hear your Mom & I play jazz together on our clarinets? How about “When You Walk Through a Storm” (is that the name of the song)but in your classical trained voice.
    Love, Gram

  2. Clap, Clap, Clap, clapx10…you were having so much fun singing that and it was great fun listening to you . Thank you very much.

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