Soggy Halloween

Halloween was a bust.  Seriously, 65% of people in my neighbourhood either forgot Halloween or were too lame to get into the spirit this year.  We happened upon so many dark houses that we decided to get the rock outta here and make way to a different neighbourhood.  My townhouse complex is usually a bona fide GONGSHOW on Halloween and it’s so much fun.  This year, someone poured a big bucket of lame all over the place.

I guess we were having torrential downpours…but I don’t see that as an excuse, at all.  There’s these neat things called umbrellas and gum boots and you use them to stay dry!


I didn’t realize Silas was getting sick and I sent him out in the rain with little protection.  He was having such a hard time accepting candy that wasn’t peanut free.  He was stuck in a loop.  I kept trying to explain to him that we buy peanut free candy to swap out and then we give away all the unsafe things, it just wasn’t computing.  He had a number of homeowners looking guilty and confused because he couldn’t stop asking for something peanut free.  One person disappeared into their home and came back out with something, which I’m certain they tore their pantry apart for.  At one house, he even sang “trick or treat, give me something peanut free”.

He clearly wasn’t having any fun at all.  You could see the dark circles under his eyes through the dark circles I had painted under his eyes.  This vampire was finished.  I was very sad to take him home after only a few houses but he really didn’t seem to mind.  It wasn’t until later that I realized he had 100.5 fever.  Poor love.

It just bums me out that my son wasn’t finding any joy in trick or treating.  I love taking the kids trick or treating, they’re so cute and have a lot of fun.  I wish Silas could have seen passed the peanut problem.  I wish more that peanut allergies would just go away.

Isaac kept at it like a champ.  He was a very soggy beaver by the end but he also had a full bag of candy.  He didn’t want anyone to carry it, it was cute seeing this little person carrying around such a big bag.  He was so cute.  We also had a second bag being brought to the doors for Silas, which ended up working out very nicely.  I have plenty of candy to steal from the children and they’re still too young to notice it go missing.

I’m a stupid parent and I didn’t take ANY photos of the children all dressed up!!  Am I terrible or what??  I do have photos of them carving pumpkins which are equally as cute.

It appears as though I’m the only person in the family who can touch the inside of a pumpkin without getting grossed out.

Ask Daddy for photos of Silas and this is all you get.

Isaac designing.

He pretty much carved the whole thing.  What a kid!

Making his scary jack-o-lantern face.

The whole clan!  Isaac designed and carved the one on the right and Silas the one on the left.




  1. Rain hey? It was super snowy here. I remember when I was a kid needing snow pants for halloween. Toughen up people!

  2. AWW Poor Silas..Looks like he had fun carving his pumpkin. I did not get 1 trick or treater. Next year take him to a mall. Loads of candy from the stores

  3. Trick or treating in the mall is not the same 🙁 I remember when we were little my mom would cut holes in garbage bags for us & slip them over our costumes & away we went. Weather was never an issue. I took our kids our last night too. Emily is a trooper & going strong. Mathew did pretty good, but about 15mins in was starting to slow down & found the puddles more interesting. Turns out he was coming down with something too. Anyway, both were soaked, but equally enjoyed Halloween.

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