Hurricane Sandy


It’s hard to know what to write on a day like today.  I’m sipping my coffee, power on, TV blasting information of the hurricane.  Something feels wrong about writing a silly blog today.

My heart really goes out to everyone that’s fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy.  We’ve seen New York City destroyed hundreds of times in movies, but this isn’t entertaining at all.  Knowing that there are people in America stranded, cold and scared is making this coffee taste bitter.  I wish I could bring it to one of them.  I feel really helpless.

I know we are having our own set of crazy here on the West Coast.  Two earthquakes now.  It’s not really amounting to being as serious, though.  Just leaving us all with this dull anxiety in our chests.  We are expecting a big earthquake one day and having one happen so close to us, and all over the world lately, is making me feel really vulnerable.

But for now we are safe and sending all our love and all our good thoughts and prayers to the East.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and the goodness in your heart. It has been a rough few days, especially with an Autistic child, but we are pulling out of it now.
    My poor little guy has been through two natural disasters in just over a year. As you know, the change in routine is really very hard on a child such as he.
    I hope that you are well and that you and your loved ones remain safe. Thanks again for your kindness.

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