Spead The Word To END The Word

“you retard”

“that was so retarded”

“I feel like such a retard”

All phrases I’ve said, all phrases a lot of you have said.  I never thought twice about using that word, it’s a common term and everyone says it.  Until autism.

Most people, when I correct them on the use of that word, tell me “but your son isn’t retarded”.  Actually, yes, in the medical sense of the word “retard” Silas has a diagnosed retardation in language.  So yes, he fits into that category.  But that’s really besides the point.

Because I have a child with autism, I’ve learned that a LOT of people have a close friend or family member that is exceptional.  The use of this word for everyday things is completely offensive to a lot of people.  It stings my ears every time I hear someone use it for something stupid.

“gosh that guy was so drunk, he was acting like such a retard” Silas doesn’t act like that.  The stupid things you do, or the stupid things other people don’t have ANYTHING to do with being “retarded”.

It’s time to stop using this word in our daily vocabulary.  There’s other people who feel the same as well.  The Special Olympics have started a campaign to get people to pledge to stop using the “r-word”.

I jumped right on the bandwagon and made my pledge and it’s time for you to make yours.  Please check out their website by going to r-word.org and make your pledge as well and please spread the word.  It’s time we stand up for change in this area, shining a new light on the amazing gifts that exceptional people bring to our world.

Please reblog this info!!

I’d also like to add that the same goes for using the word “gay”.  Incredibly offensive to people who are gay.  I don’t care if you disagree with their lifestyle, respect!


In other news, my kitchen and downstairs is still clean from Friday, can you believe it?  I’ve also added to the cleanliness factor by making another list and following it.  I’m going to go on over to Discovering Happy to blog more about it and what I’ve learned that’s going to effect every aspect of my life.

Today Isaac displayed to me that he truly is growing up…he’s just a little gender confused…



He asked to wear it this morning and kept it on until nap time.  I made him take it off because I was scared it would strangle him in his sleep.  That would raise too many questions if that happened….but perhaps a way most grown men would like to make their departure…


  1. I was throughly pleased to read your comments about the r-word and also the comments on the web site you specified. My LOUD OBJECTION though is in regard to the use of so many other coarse, to me objectionable, very unnecessary, despickable, etc. and etc. words that I see being commonly used in conversations, on TV, in BLOGS, and a dozen other places that could be named if I took the time. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 30’s and 40’s and those commonly used objectionable words weren’t common back in those days. I’ll have to admit there were a few words used back then that were not right, and in some cases the use has been corrected. I wish I had the time and the computer/internet smarts to start a site dedicated to “cleaning up” many of the words that I see in type today.

    This time it’s GRUMPS, not Gramps

    1. grumps I understand how other words would offend you but the purpose of this isn’t to stop the use of a curse word but to stop the use of a word that offends an entire people group at a very personal level.

      Yes there’s loads of curse words all over the place. But I think using the word “retard” is like using the word “N**ger” ugh I can’t even type that word. Awful. It’s not a curse because it’s been deemed a curse by society, it’s a curse because it’s intimately offensive to people, it devalues them and puts them in a box which says they are useless.

      Curse words aren’t a massive deal to me because all in all they’re just a slang word used to describe something and people have called it wrong. I know they offend some people and using them often shows a horrible lack of imagination and poor vocabulary.

      I must say, though, when I so use curse words it’s to describe something that there’s just no other word for that works as perfectly, because sometimes it just fits. I know it can be offensive though and I hope it doesn’t offend too much. I love you!!

  2. Okay, so I am completely guilty of this one and did not even realize the extent of it until I began working closely with a lady on a project for church. This amazing women of 6! has a boy who has down syndrome. When it first came out I realized what I had said only because I was in her presents otherwise I am sure I would not have noticed. I was shocked at how awful it sounded. 2 days later I used it again in front of her and thought….how often do I actually use this word?! I have really become aware if it and can only recall one other time which it popped out….I am definitely making a point not to use it and am pretty disgusted with myself for all the times I did use it. Well…now that I am aware I continue to build a vocabulary that is expressive yet decent and kind!

    Okay one other side note I love the pics of Isaac with the bra on, my favorite part is the chipped floor boards, just like mine!!! Makes me feel so normal!

  3. I thoroughly understand the purpose of the web site and I completely agree that the “r” word is as bad as the “n” word and should be eliminated. But, I also throughly disagree with you that a coarse or curse word is necessary because it just fits the situation. Nuff Said. And I still love you too.

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