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I’m a little late blogging today because I didn’t let myself blog this afternoon until this:blog4

looked more like this:


Laundry isn’t done but blame it on my slow arsed washing machine, not me.  It’s actually a fast washing machine…I just had a lot of laundry.  Shush.

Note all my little notes on there?  I was trying to excite myself about the list.  I love crossing things off the list sooo much but I have an issue, I don’t like being told what to do.  So once I make a list, I look at the list and I’m like “screw you list, you can’t tell me what to do!  Just for that I’m gunna sit on my butt all day and you can cry over here on the table”.  And I do just that.  Then I feel like a big dummy because I just stuck it to myself again and let my thighs spread on the couch while watching my children pick up bits of last nights supper on the floor and consume it.  I’m not joking.

(about the yay bleach thing….shhhh don’t judge me…I haven’t bought bleach in ages and my sheets were looking really dingy…I said don’t judge me…stop it!!) (I may or may not have been overcome with temptation and bleached the crap out of my floors…take THAT germs…ya I know…shhhh…but sometimes I feel like I need a fresh start and we’ve been in and out of the house in bare feet.  Plus I get to pretend I’m Godzilla running through the city and killing everyone in sight…k I don’t actually do that.)

So today I spruced up my list, I took a little pride in making it, I tried to print neatly…hah.  I gave myself some love on it and I set my head to finishing the list.  And I did…minus the folding of a few more loads and the putting away of the clothes.  You see I like to involve my husband in the putting away of the clothes so he can see how many clothes I’ve folded today and then dote upon me…grovel husband…grovel.

I’ve noticed the big problem with my slobbishness is that I’m a perfectionist.  I’m a lazy ass perfectionist who can’t ever achieve perfection so I don’t even try.  Right now shelves are dusty, theres clutter around, upstairs is still a disaster but I’m MAKING myself feel GREAT about what’s clean right now.  Ooooooo it feels goooooood.  Usually I’d clean up this much and then be like “Leah, you didn’t even dust the shelves??  Jeepers who do you think you are?  I can’t believe I still see handprints on the windows…ugh you’re the worst…you’re such a douchebag”.  Not today.  I’m enjoying the goodness and saying “maybe later” to all the badness.  Take that perfectionist brain!  Pfffft.

I love to BBQ, I love it LOTS.  I love it because the food is so much better AND you have less dishes to pile up for the next week do after supper.  I’ve also finally recieved a taste for yams.  I’ve always hated them and their crunchy marshmallow topping.  I’ve realized I like them in forms that aren’t mushed and marshmallowed.  Yams are way healthier for you than potatoes.  They’re a good source of vitamins C, and B6.  Also a good source of  potassium, manganese and dietary fiber.*  So last night I decided to experiment and BBQ yams and they turned out fanFREAKINGtastic.

first I cut them like this, leaving on the skins cuz they’re good for you, and rubbed them with oil, salt and pepper.


Then I stuck those little suckers on the grill…


and voila, deliciousness!!


Perhaps a little too long on one side.  I had them with some sour cream but I think you could have them with pretty much anything you’d like (but please…no marshmallow for me).  I also BBQ’d pork chops (which turned out fantastic too) and some peppers which I often do.  DELISH!  Isaac loves them, Silas wouldn’t eat them if his life depended on it…why would he??…they’re orange.  He takes a long time to warm up to orange foods…who wouldn’t?? ha ha.

maybe soon I’ll actually perfect making yam fries without deep frying them…I’ve failed so many times…*sigh*

Happy Friday, have a good weekend, I love you all.  Don’t forget to start getting used to finding this blog via www.informalmatriarch.com.

*taken from World’s Healthiest Foods http://whfoods.org/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=113


  1. Hey that is a really good blog…and by gosh you worked hard today..you should feel really good about your acomplishments…and the beer was truly the reward you deserved. I like yams but I,ve never grilled them only oven roasted…but I’ll surely try that

  2. I love those kinds of lists and the sweet potatoes would have been equqlly awesome with some real parmesan cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. trust me, total yumminess!

  3. Yum! I LOVE sweet potatoes…..I am making roast chicken tonight, so these would go yummy with it!

    Love your blog. My brother has a 7yo daughter with autism/seisure disorder. They do ABA at home, and H has made huge strides. It has opened the door to communication for them, as H does not speak (she uses the picture book).

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